Monday, 2 January 2012

Create my Blogging Resolutions

I follow many a blog and I always look at many of them and think 'I wish my blog looked or felt like that'

That may be my personal opinion but I'm never sure if what I'm doing suits everyone or if I'm being confusing or annoying. So, I decided to have a survey.

This survey is just a list of things I am concerned about on Rebecca-Books and would like to address...but not quite sure how. I want to know what my followers actually think about what I do and what I think is good/bad. If you all say, 'Nothing needs to be changed', I will stop worrying - but don't just put that to shut me up because I want to help YOU have a nicer, better experience when visiting.

This is completely anonymous, if you want to put your name at the end, fine, but I'm not making you, because I wouldn't want to.

BE HARSH. I mean it. I want to you to just go for it instead of beating around the bush. If my reviews, for example, annoy you, tell me! Tell me why they annoy you and how I can improve on them.

Don't feel you have to fill in every field, fill in one or all of them, I don't mind. I just want as many people as possible to fill this in for my own personal feedback. This is like my blogging resolution. What you want through this form will be implemented by 2013 - I promise.



  1. Happy New Year, Rebecca!
    I wonder from which site you take the covers of the books. In the future I will be return to blogging and I will need these covers.


  2. Happy New Year to you too!
    For the pictures of the covers, I normally just type the name of the book in Google and choose an image of the cover from Google Images :)


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