Saturday, 14 January 2012

My week has been a little hectic...

This week has been a little hectic since I returned to college.
I had an exam yesterday, my first ever A level exam...and well, I don't particularly want to think about it but let's say I doubt I passed it.

On Monday afternoon, I have my other exam for January, which is History. I am incredibly scared especially as I'm only half way through teaching myself the syllabus (long story).

So yes. I am a neglecter of the blog and yes, thank you 'Anonymous' for that comment on how awful I am at blogging and should just shut the blog down, I so appreciated it and felt happy for the rest of the day all in the comfort of knowing what I already knew. Thanks. So much.

Moving on, I have many new books on my bookshelf and the fact, I've been working in a book store the last month, book are far from rare in my life. I have found a girl in my English Literature class who shares passions for the same sort of books (e.g. she is a MASSIVE John Green fan - oh yes!) which helps.
College is hard, and I know it isn't going to get any easier.

With the pressure of a blog as well, sometimes I wonder why I do everything.
But fear not my followers, this blog will NOT be closing down any time soon, nor will I abandon it.

Rebecca shall be back soon with more books than ever

Have a lovely week :)

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