Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Fashion Week

So I was in London this weekend. Nope, not because of London Fashion Week, but to see some friends of the family who were staying in London - we only found out about London Fashion Week a week ago.
So in homage to the fact that I felt so out of place everywhere with all these attractive girls tottering around in high heels with passes while I go along in jeans, we went to Somerset House, the beautiful gallery where they host London Fashion Week - in the rain and took some pictures.

Okay, no - I did not see Vivenne Westwood or Henry Holland or some other bizarre name, but I did see a lot of well dressed people and press which helped me learn about this world that I may enter in the future. THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING. Totally not fair and I felt even more out of place there.
The only famous person I saw was Gok Wan entering one of the venues in a rather bright red shirt which...didn't suit him. Oh and Carrie from a fashion blog I follow WishWishWish being photographed. If you see any photos (I am keeping a look out) of some boringly dressed girl in the background wearing a purple hat - that was me!

It's a lovely outside area and so peaceful with just everyone milling around, having conversations, taking photographs. There was a real feel of a buzz around the area and being the first time I've been there inside or  out for London Fashion Week, I am so glad I went. I can really see why they are the hottest tickets in town.

I got to pick up some free magazines/newspapers they were giving out about the Saturday day of London Fashion Week (seen below)

I didn't go to any of the shows or see anyone amazingly famous like Kate Moss but it was a lovely experience. 
In the fashion stakes, I got some shoes because my plain black ones are dead and have a mouth (sole is peeling away) I have named him Mr Shoe, and no-one has found Mr Shoe funny yet...I do though.

Above: Shows, £28, Urban Outfitters


  1. Awh that's so cool! I would love to go to London Fashion Week, it's always been a wish!

  2. I know I would love to go to a show as part of the week but it's been known as a week to avoid because there is so much congestion and partly because you feel so...out of place. I know I did.


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