Wednesday, 7 September 2011

College and a new found relative.

College starts tomorrow. *shivers*
My time on the internet and just in general not doing or thinking much ends.
Am I scared?


Tomorrow, at college, I am going to be in a new massive school, with lots of unknown judgemental people that I'll have to make friends with and call my teachers by their first name. And start the gruelling two years of A levels which, if I thought GCSE's were too hard, I am going to die with these.
Oh and the subjects I'm doing? You know, essay based ones. TOO MUCH WRITING ALREADY.

But the good thing is I get to go by train every single morning and afternoon which I love to do. So I might get some reading done if I'm not talking to anyone. And the building where the college is, is quite old so it's like going to a big old grand house for school every single day. That is pretty cool. Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on.

In other news, I found out today that I'm related to an Australian family of actors called the Edgertons. Joel and Nash Edgerton are the actors, and they're like my second/third cousin. How I found this out?

MY mother saw the name on the side of a bus and recognised it. Funny, huh?
And 'Joel' is in the remake of The Great Gatsby (which I am studying this year in English Literature) with Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and Leonardo Di Caprio. So this is one family member I am happy with being related to....


  1. Good luck in college! I'm sure it will be amazing :)

    Oh that's so cool! I'd love to be related to someone famous :)

  2. If you need any The Great Gatsby notes or essays to inspire you, I've got the lot :) Good luck at college, you'll do well :)

  3. Amy: Thank you, I know it is! And someone who knows actors I love

    Nessie: YOU DO? That would be cool, but I think it's happening later in the year so I'll let you know.


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