Monday, 26 September 2011

The Anonymous Commenter who made my day.

So I come in from college grumbling because the Media assignment that I spent 2 HOURS of my Sunday on, I had done completely wrong and it's due in tomorrow. JOY.
Anyway, not the subject here. I log on to the computer after a quick chat with my nan (she is looking after me at the moment which means AMAZING FOOD) and a cuppa and I go on Blogger. Straight away, I know.
So I look at a couple of posts, a review of 'The Luxe', a couple of fashion posts, log on to Facebook, say hi to my friend I saw 30 minutes earlier and then, click on the comments section of Blogger, mostly expecting nothing.

I am serious. After 6 months of no comments when I started, I do not expect comments on the blog at all so when I get them I am thrilled. REALLY thrilled. So when I saw I had a new comment, I was happy especially about my new Kindle.

So I'm reading it, trying to get a piece of food out of my braces while doing so (harder than it sounds) and then I just stopped. Still.

My nan thought I'd fallen asleep, I was so still.

And then, I let out this huge 'Awww' that I normally reserve for cute cuddly animals.

I had the loveliest, most gorgeous comment I have EVER received. Serious. This is what it said:

I also got a Kindle for my birthday and love it to bits. Plus, I have been looking for a not overly expensive case, and have now found one thanks to this post. :D 
Also, may I say, I love your blog! I have a whole new list of books that I must try from it, and please keep this blog running, it is truely amazing! :)

Signed Anonymous. So basically, the point of this post? I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to whoever wrote this comment because it literally MADE MY DAY. Made my month actually.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am not obsessive over comments like some but it's comments like this that make me keep blogging even when it's tough to write something about a book I hated. So when bloggers complain about what their doing, it annoys me so much because they don't even realise what a great thing it is. 

Thanks guys. 


  1. Hey, its Me again, anonymus! (well my actual name is Sarah):D I am so glad I made your day/month :D haha! I don't think you ramble, i think that you are a nattural book lover like me :) Keep blogging!!

  2. Aw, 'Anonymous' is very sweet! Well, not-so-annonymous anymore... =)

  3. That's so nice. I love getting comments from anonymous people because they tend to be the non bloggers and it takes a lot for them to leave a message.

  4. Sarah: Sorry if this post was a little scary to come across but I did appreciate the comment. Thank You!

    Lan: I know, it does take a lot and I appreciate it more sometimes rather than blogger comments, because they can criticise and be like 'Well, my blog is better'

  5. Sarah again!, nope its fine, it cheered me up to think that I had made someone's day :) Your Welcome!

  6. Awh that's lovely! I love the Blogging community :)
    The only anonymous comment I got was from someone asking me to post more pictures of myself .... :/ haha!


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