Sunday, 1 July 2012

Looking back at JUNE

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Again, since April, my blogging has been decreasing and decreasing to a level that I'm not entirely happy with but I kind of have to live with it. The hectic-ness of college and work sometimes makes it impossible to have the time to do a blog post or even read. My day normally consists of going to college between 8:45-4:10. Arriving home exhausting at 5pm and then doing some homework or coursework until dinner and then, I just want to wind down. Then at the weekends, I work at least one day so you can see finding time is hard.

In my life this month, I have visited three universities - Goldsmiths (part of University of London), Bournemouth and Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge. I've fallen in love with the Media course at Bournemouth and with the accommodation at Anglia Ruskin so my choices next year I can tell are going to be quite hard.

On a more positive note, this month I was made a Student Ambassador of my college so I had to direct Year 11's around the college on their Induction Day with a mixture of disgust for some of their outfit choices and joy with how nice some of them were. It's weird because it's only taken a year to be one of the oldest in the college student body unlike 5 years at secondary school. In other news, I have also been awarded an award for Media (not sure what for yet) which I receive on Tuesday and I get an Oscar-like award (whoop).
Blogging wise I've reached 90 followers on the blog! I am so happy and I thank all of you who have not clicked the 'unfollow' button in my lack of blogging - really appreciate it.


Read but not reviewed:
The 39 Steps - John Buchan

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  1. Don't worry about your lack of blogging, we realise how busy you are and education must come first! Well done on your award :)


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