Friday, 20 July 2012

Little Update on being British & kittens.

It's that time to year again.
The time when the last few hours of the day have everyone re-enacting the moment in High School Musical 2 when they all whisper 'summer' to count down the minutes.
The time when the British weather decides to pretend it's actually autumn instead of August when, oh, normally it's supposed to be like sunny. And warm. Yet it's raining, cloudy and I swear it looked like the monsoon season the other day.
And last of all, the time where all teenagers wake up at 11am/12pm, eat, watch TV, perhaps go out to see friends and then go to sleep at like 12am.

IT'S SUMMER. And my summer holidays, because I'm in college, are 9 weeks! That's longer than a term!
Two weeks have passed so far and I haven't done much at all - even though I have quite a lot of reading and work to keep me occupied. I love being off from college for the rest and also the chance to see and do things I wouldn't otherwise been able to.


1/ Last Tuesday, for instance, I went to Windsor. Many of you will, or may not know, of Windsor Castle - one of the Queen's royal residences. Anyway, I went there with my friend, T to watch the Olympic Torch go through the town. It was funny because there were these threatening black clouds over us but it wasn't until the Olympic Torch was literally in front of us that it chucked it down so hard with rain. 
It was lovely standing with the castle in the background watching all these people wave their Union Jack's and the Olympic Torch right there in front of you by Windsor Castle where the Queen was in residence. It was quite patriotic and my friend, T (who was born in America), agreed it was a moment where you felt proud to be British.

2/ I also made my holiday trip to the V&A (Victoria and Albert) museum in Kensington, London. This one of the three main museums in the area - the Natural History museum and the Science Museum (which is amazing). 
The V&A is more arty, with the subway from the Tube taking you to a galley with sculptures. There's lots of interesting things in there like fashion, carvings, paintings and we even found a section with an old wooden staircase from 1600's France. One thing I know is that I've never visited every single gallery that the V&A has to offer - it's just so big with lots of secrets places.

I went to the V&A specially for the British Design 1948-2012 exhibition which basically showed how British design has changed over the years and why. It was so interesting especially looking at the bits from the 1960's and 70's. Plus it really helped with my Media coursework I'm planning for next year where I have to show a mixture of decades in a perfume advert - which is harder than it sounds...

Something I did learn was that one author in the 1960's wrote a book where there were clues to treasure that he had buried. He buried a hare necklace by the grave of Catherine of Aragon and even though he made so much money from the books, no-one ever found it until by chance in the 1980's. Such a nice idea! Any authors willing to do that?

3/ This is a photo I took of some 1960's dresses that were on show. Behind me was a Mini with two security guards watching me like hawks thinking I was about to dive in the car and drive away (let's not even talk about the fact I can't actually drive to start with).
I love these dresses and when I see the fashions of the past decades, I want to grab the TARDIS and go there to live the life - this is why I love vintage clothes. The funny thing is I have a dress like the red one but in black...
I would recommend this exhibition if you're in London for the Olympics until 13th August. This and the Ballgown exhibition nearby, part of which is free!

4/ Just look at them. Just, seriously, look at them. They are absolutely positively gorgeous and I've demanded to be named their official godmother. These actually belong to my friend Emma (yep, the same one that basically made me read The Fault in Our Stars) and I've fell in love with them. I spent the afternoon with them crawling on my lap, falling asleep and then giving me a dirty look when I moved. I want a cat...badly.

What have you been up to?

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