Saturday, 28 July 2012

I did an guest interview

I love doing guest posts or interviews - especially if it's to help other bloggers out or to participate in a feature I care about.

So, of course, I jumped at the chance when Clover from Fluttering Butterflies asked Twitter if anyone would like to do a guest post or interview for the re-launch of her feature, Awesome Women which celebrates exactly that - how great women are.

It was really fun to do and made me think a lot about my past role models and those I do actually look up to more than others. 
So, have a look here, leave a comment perhaps saying on if you agree or disagree or even who your own role models are. 
Also have a look around - Clover's blog is one of my favourites!

Now, I'm going to run back to the TV to watch the Tennis at the Olympics - so great to have it right on my doorstep. Literally. (Wimbledon is like, 30 minutes, away from me)

Have a lovely Sunday!

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