Saturday, 28 April 2012

Looking back at APRIL

Previous months: 

So this month has been pretty tough. Actually, very. At the beginning of the month, it was the start of half-term and that meant I had to start revising for my exams which are in...around 2/3 weeks now (oh, crap). I've been revising constantly all month, after school, free periods and Beautiful Days was read because one of my texts is The Great Gatsby, both set in the 1920's. It's been really hands on this month and I am still so lost in a lot of the subjects I do such as the way to write them in the exams.
GCSE's were SO hard last year but this is nothing compared to those when your teachers and college in general refuse to help at times. I literally feel like I am all by myself in this.
Theme of the month: Stress, we shall say.

Blogging unfortunately has gone doooown again, and it won't pick up until June probably. Sorry guys, but my education comes first. Blogging has been a bit scandalous you could say with the BIG thing this week.
I don't really want to get involved but for those that don't know, briefly, a major blogger in the book blogging community was found to have plagiarised another blog's work. It is wrong, yes, but personally, I think the rude, bullying-like comments in response were even worse than the main event.
But that's what I think. It has been a rocky week in the blogging world, and reading some of the comments on it, I felt ashamed to be called a book blogger at times. Hopefully, this will all blow over and we can go back to the normal, amazingly fun book blogging community everyone wants us to be. I hope so anyway.

Beautiful Days - Anna Godbersen
Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
One Dog and his Boy - Eva Ibbotson

Also read but didn't review:
The Odyssey - Homer
Enduring Love - Ian McEwan

All the books I read this month are by my favourite authors - that was not intentional at all. These have all been AMAZING books (that I reviewed) and it's doing to be hard to choose the book of the month, although one does stand out the most. I would recommend any of those books at all.
The Odyssey and Enduring Love were read for Classics and English Literature. I would not recommend either of them - especially Enduring Love. It stays to get interesting until Joe goes off on one about science. Oh, and Jed is so creepy. 


I loved doing these Top Ten Tuesday's - so fun and nice to do. I wish I'd seen some of those tips for new bloggers when I started.

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