Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday Top Ten: Advice for New Bloggers

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish.  

So after saying yesterday, I wouldn't be posting that much on here due to exams and revision for them, here I am. This week the theme is advice I would give to new bloggers on starting a blog or more specifically a book blog. This is rather cool and I know I could have done with some advice when I started two years ago. These are some things I've picked up on while I've been around. 

1. Don't think that everything will fall into place straight away. This is something I thought would be easy to attain - you know, write a couple of reviews or things that are interested, comments on a couple of blogs and then I would have tons of followers and comments. Wrong - blogging takes time so don't assume everyone would know about your blog instantly. 

2. Blogging takes time to build up - and out of your life. So blogging is a huge part of my life, I check the blog everyday and catch up everyday before starting any homework on what people are posting about. I reply to comments/mentions and then, write a post or review if I need to or feel like it. I do that routine nearly everyday. Blogging takes so much time out of your life so you need to be prepared for that - like I said, everything doesn't fall into place straight away and it may seem pointless for a while. Some of my early reviews are really negative about the fact I am the only one reading it so this is your warning!

3. Stay Positive! Similarly, I was so negative and thought it sad I was the only one looking at my reviews/posts. But you shouldn't think negatively or horribly about what you're doing. If you are, perhaps you should have a break and return like I did. I started the blog in February 2010 but I didn't properly start it until July 2010 - 5 months where I just didn't see the point or want to blog. 

4. Don't become obsessed about comments or followers. I have 83 followers and I have been doing this for two years - sounds quite a few compared to some blogs where there are over 100 and they've been on the scene for 6 months. Yes, this annoys me. Do I worry? NO because I am happy at least someone is looking at my blog and it makes it all the more special when you DO get a new follower or comment.

5. CAPTCHA is the most hated thing in the blogging world (correct terminology: blogosphere). There has even been a campaign to get rid of it and raise awareness of our hate for it. WHY? I hear you ask. Well, for one, have you done one yourself? The words have become ridulously hard. Two: if someone is going to post a comment on your blog, they are more likely to keep try to post it without having to use CAPTCHA. For instance, if I had to reload the page and re-write my comment, I would rather just press 'Publish' and be done with it all rather than do though with it again. Also, some people don't realise it is there and click back. Result: comment not published and you lose more followers/comments. JUST DON'T USE IT. I have nothing, you post and it publishes straight away but if you are worried about spam, then have it so only you as a blogger agree if it can be viewed by other people or not. 

6. Try and join as many social networking sites as possible to promote your posts - and make new friends. I've seen a surge in followers/comments since I joined Twitter - it is the best place to join first as you can get in touch with other bloggers, publishers and authors this way in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere - I have done and received so many things because of Twitter. Have a smart phone? PERFECT - you can check your Twitter more regularly. 

7. Other website as a must to join: GOODREADS! This is the most amazing site to keep on top of your books - those you have read, are reading or want to read. It is such a good platform to raise awareness of your blog and reviews (you can post your reviews on there also) and find other bloggers through this too. Most bloggers I know have a Goodreads page both for blog and for personal reasons - it works and is one of my favourite websites for all things bookish. And it means you don't need to write your own synopsis as this helps you!

8. Don't feel you have to read the latest books. I have a thing about buying books so I mostly either go to the library or read books I already own or by authors I love. Therefore, when I started blogging, there were so many blogs out there that reviews these new amazing books that I wanted to read. But stick to the books closest to you then there is less pressure. I am still catching up on books I saw when I first started blogging. Anyway, if you let the hype die down, you can truly see if it's worth a read or not!

9. Be yourself. That is the most important rule of blogging. I enjoy blogging so much because it is part of me and the blog is my creation out of just being myself and doing something I love: reading. It is so worth while and while I'm starting to realise that this innocent little blog may help me with my future, it is worth all the hard work I put into it. All I'm saying is, go into blogging for the right reason - not the wrong one.

10. Have fun. That is the other important rule of blogging really. If you don't enjoy it, then, it's not worth doing it. I don't post as often as I like but still, when I do, I try to make the best I can and to have fun while doing it. I don't review some books I read because I know I don't enjoy writing the review. You have to love what you're doing to make the blog last long and be successful. 


  1. Totally with you on being anti-Captcha. Blogger's internal spam detector is generally enough.

    You're so right about how much time blogging takes! I'd guess it takes me 15-20 hours a week. That's a part-time job. Oddly enough, it still seems worth it. :)

    1. Exactly, there is no need for it when Blogger (if with that provider) has something in place to stop spam anyway!

      I didn't quite anticipate the amount of time when I started blogging but I agree, every minute is worth it even on a bad day.

  2. Love the tips! Thank you so much for posting them. My brain has officially turned to mush from over-saturation of the most incredibly helpful advice today :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

    1. It's okay, I'm glad you read them!

      I know, the amount of things I have seen this week and most are repeated. Still, I wish I had this kind of guide when I started :)


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