Thursday, 19 April 2012

Author Interview: K.P.Smith

Today, K.P.Smith is here to ask five questions on her upcoming book, KENDRA'S DIARIES, part of new YA series, Growing Pains

1) What made you write the Growing Pains series?
I wanted to write a series that would speak to Young Adults to encourage, motivate and inspire them through their journey of growing up. Through Kendra's voice, her life, I want my readers to know that growing up can sometimes produce "growing pains". But with determination, faith and perseverance that can come out on the other side; ready and equipped to live the life they were born to live.

2) What did you enjoy the most about writing it? 
I love developing the characters and coming up with the plots. I got a real kick out of remembering when I was YA age. Because I am "older" it was a stretch to try and remember back that far LOL! But I loved the trip down memory lane.

3) Describe the book in a sentence  
 No matter what happens in life Stay Positive, Keep It Moving & Never Give Up!

4) What advice would you give to future writers - both in the writing and publishing process? 

Two things; Even the best book can only be a best seller if people buy it. So when you are WRITING the next best seller remember you have to  MARKET MARKET MARKET!
Which brings me to my second point; There is so much information out there everyone boasts to know the key to selling books. So I am going to say it. Yes I think I do too. The key is to try any and everything always remembering that what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Keep trying until you find  your own sweet spot.

5) Are you working on anything else?  
I am working on the second book in the Growing Pains Series: New Beginnings. I am taking clients for Doin It Publishing. We welcome all authors but we cater to the new/first time authors to help them realize their dream of being published. We offer full publishing services, a la carte services and consulting.

Thank you to K.P.Smith!


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