Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Authors I would LOVE to meet (#14)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

Sorry it's a bit late - was out all of Tuesday

This week's theme is Authors I would DIE to meet and get them to sign books and talk about bookish things and love them more forever.

1. Sarah Dessen - I LOVE HER BOOKS so much. She is my number one, top of the list, favourite author, she is actually amazing and I'm sure a lot of bloggers would agree with me. If you haven't read her yet, you are missing out. Seriously. She also looks nice and could be quite funny and polite and just...hmmm.

2. John Green - I have just finished my second experience of his books (review coming very, very soon) and I don't know a book where I haven't laughed so much. It's hard to laugh for me at a piece of paper in front of me but this guy did it. He is quite hilarious. 

3. Eva Ibbotson - Sadly, I cannot meet Eva Ibbotson as she died late last year, but it would be great if I could somehow. She is such a lovely, amazing, sincere author and I think she would have been a nice lady to talk to despite being an author or not. Also, it would be nice to hear about her experiences she writes about during the Nazi Germany period of history, a part that I find so interesting. 

4. Rachael Wing - Mostly I just want to say Well Done to this girl. I love her books and how they are a spin off of Shakespeare plays which I find most dire and uninteresting. She was published at 16, wrote a novel at 14 and is published again. I find that so amazing. 

5. Eve Edwards - This is mostly to just ramble and gush at how amazing her books are and how they are definitely some of my favourite historical reads at the moment and just 'Wow'. She seems a lovely person too and she deserves a bit more credit, I think, for her books. 

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