Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Ten Books I'm so glad someone recommended them to me! (#6)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

*NOTE*: From now on, I shall be doing between 5-7 instead of 10 because they may look easy but these memes are actually quite hard to think about and remember. Also, with the other things happening in my life at the moment (yes I have one full of revision), I simply won't have the time. But I love doing these so they are happening still, just reduced.

This week's theme is Ten Books that I never would have read (or taken longer to pick up) unless someone had recommended them!

1. The Chaos Walking Series - Patrick Ness  - When I saw this title, I instantly thought of this one. My friends, Joey, George and Tijana, had all read this one and raved about it. Then, one wintery day last year, I was in the library pondering on a book to read when George appeared and said I should read The Knife of Never Letting Go. I'd seen it in the shops but always bypassed it thinking it looks so depressing, too boyish, too...not me. But she made me take it out and from then on, I baffled them by constantly asking questions - 'What happens in the end?', 'Who's this?' blah blah...
And the rest is history...

2. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne - I would never have read this in Year 7 (4 years ago) if it hadn't been for this reading day. I can remember it quite clearly. We were sitting in the school library and this lady was talking about books - do you read regularly? Why do you read? etc. Normal things. Then, she started talking about this book and read out the blurb which (if you've read it) is pretty intriguing and said that she'd read it over lunch and suddenly something happened that completely changed the book. The next week, I bought it in WH Smiths.

3. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - Gabrielle Zevin - Joey recommended this to me too. I was at her house and she has this massive, 'I-want-that' bookcase so I had a look and picked this one up and asked her thoughts. She said it was good and said I could borrow it if I wanted. So I did.

4. Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin - Another Gabrielle Zevin. This was my first one of hers but I was at school in English where we were talking about books...about 3 years ago. And my arch-rival (okay, so we just didn't like each other very much and she was VERY competitive with me) said she had read this book called Elsewhere and it was good. Anyway, saw it in the library and decided to have a read and thought it was pretty good. Probably the only thing we agreed on. Ever.

5. The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose - Mary Hooper - My friend, who sadly I don't speak to anymore, had this as a book on her shelf in her bedroom when I visited her house. She said it was really good and if I liked history, it was even better. Having a secret love for History, I saw this in the shops the next week and on an impulse of a 9/10 year-old, I bought it. And it is still one of my favourite Mary Hooper books and made me read many more of her books which are as good. I also got to meet her and when I told her she kind of got me into reading, she seemed thrilled and wrote in my copy of this book 'So happy I got you into reading and you're a loyal fan, Mary Hooper x'


  1. I did not read the book but the movie, ' the boy in the striped pajamas' was very good. Happy Reading 2 U

  2. Yay- you love The Remarkable Life And Times Of Eliza Rose too! Mary Hooper's lovely, she's come to my school twice and I got to interview her. Have you read all of her books? A new one is coming out in September called Velvet :)

  3. Sidne: The book is equally as good but the film is a bit more tearful and emotional. I've seen most of it but not the end! Which is annoying.

    Stephanie: I LOVE IT! Yeah she really was. Yeah I've read more of them - all the historical ones like 'At the House of the Magican' series and 'Fallen Grace'.
    Yeah I know, but that soon! :) I follow her on Facebook and I saw her post something about what to name it. I think it's set in the Victorian times, this time. Bit different. Although 'Fallen Grace' I think was set then...

  4. I just won a copy of Elsewhere. Nice to see it on your list.

    Check out my list here

  5. Yes, Elsewhere is one of those different take stories - it's interesting and I found it good.
    LBC: Ah really? Congrats :)

  6. I am so sorry, but I keep goofing up on my link!

    Let me try one more time: I read Striped Pajamas a few months ago. Wow. What a powerful read.

    Here's my gratitude list: Readerbuzz Monthly Giveaway.

  7. hahaha it's okay :)

    I know, right? I think it's more powerful because it's in the form of a children's book.
    Ooo, i'll have a look :)


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