Monday, 16 May 2011

Anecdotes from GCSE Exams: Part I

I've decided to do a kind of temporary feature to make my exam period more relaxing and more worthwhile (although it already is...I know). So this is the start of 'Anecdotes from GCSE Exams: Part I'

Okay. So today I had English Language and French Listening. Both had a score of 4 out of 10 in easiness. So, you can already tell my mood at this moment.

English Language. Something I should excel at being a book blogger, right? Not necessary. I am in the top set but well...even my first language amazes me at times. First of all....
WHAT the hell (heck) is free running?

That was what the article I had to read was about. I still have no complete idea, neither do my friends which I think establishes something missing from the article that is supposed to be INFORMING me. It didn't. Okay, so I doing alright until I get to Question 3 and think 'Oh, layout? Easy.' Except I wrote about how it appealed to the audience and therefore answering the question....and then forgot about that from there until I sat up from scribbling, looked around, pleased with myself, I look at the exam paper again to remember about the whole target audience thing. Oh crap.

From then on, it went okay apart from getting subjective and objective the wrong way wrong. So annoyed at that.
Although, I nearly had a laughing fit when the girl in front of me held up her exam paper, looked at it and then made a rather loud sign which sounded a lot like a cat.
My only other distractions were: the girl sitting to my right who kept flicking her hair and I LOVE her handwriting, a guy sitting slightly behind me who I could see tapping his foot in the corner of my eye and one of my friends saga with her water bottle, pencil case and exam paper all falling on the floor at once. Twice.
So an average exam really.

Next I had French Listening which I didn't do very well with the added fact that I got an itch half way through in the middle of my back. Which, I can tell you, it the most awkward place to itch and that writing and itching don't co-ordinate with each other well. Oh and I thought Cindy was a man. Great.

So. That was my first anecdote of the exam period. Tomorrow holds no exams but I have to go in for revision sessions. Oh joy. Back to school already.

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