Friday, 27 May 2011

Malorie Blackman Signing

Last night, I was lucky enough to go to a signing and interview with Malorie Blackman at my local library with my best friend, Tijana (yes, the one that got me Looking for Alaska). Tijana has seen the poster about it when she was in there the other week and rushed home (well probably not but she informed me quickly afterwards) about it and we decided to go.

Malorie Blackman is the author of many, both Children and Young Adult, books such as Thief!, Pig Heart Boy, Boys Don't Cry and the Noughts and Crosses triolgy/quartet. I became involved in her reading at about 10/11 when I joined secondary school when Noughts and Crosses first came out. I read it as a library book and then got given a copy for Christmas 2006 by my family which is the one I got signed.

It was really intesting to hear about where she gets her ideas for books, what inspires her and how her past has impacted on her books now. I learnt a lot of things and she is such a talkative, funny, bubbly person and for me, you can really tell she loves what she does and loves any praise for her books.
She was such a lovely person to speak to and for us, you can tell she loves writing children's literature.
I really enjoyed the evening, it was nice to see an author that I've kind of grown up with. For anyone that's never read her books, take a look at Noughts and Crosses. This is one of the best written novels I have truly read. Great evening.

Here are some pictures!
Tijana, Malorie, Me (above, below)

My Signed book!

Then on the way home from the library, we had a lovely walk over the river and saw this view of the sun setting. I had to make it darker to see the redness, it was much more lighter than this picture shows.

 Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. ahhh that looks like it was good! she looks really friendly :)x

  2. How lovely that you got to meet her!

    I can still remember the first time I read Naughts and Crosses many many years ago. I cried and it has always stayed with me, though I never liked the sequels as much.

    I've been quite intrigued by her new book 'Boys Don't Cry' and think I might give it a go :)

    Amy @ Turn the Page

  3. I must admit, the first book was the best out the series for me.
    Yeah, the signing was for a blog tour she's doing at the moment for that book. It does look good, I must say.


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