Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Explanation.

Sorry, I have been rather absent in the last couple of weeks with the occasional post for Tuesday Top Ten and The Morning Gift review (which seemed to take AGES to read when in fact it was only 2 weeks and a was a long excuse...)
Anyway, I am fine, hunky dory. I am, however, swamped by revision due to my lack of it before the Drama exam in early April and it is death by paper. Literally.

I have also become increasingly more formal in everything I write (hence the sudden correct grammar and long words) recently, probably due to the fact I have to sound like a 30 year-old English Professer and most of my exams. That is the advantage about Maths...I don't have to sound like I've swallowed a dictionary whole.

I have also become extremely more emotional and generally more the hormonal female teenager that I am. I think it's the stress of the exams and the 'AHH. This is my only chance even though no-one apparently cares if you fail in 10 years time!'
I don't think I'm the only one with the fact that GCSE English is trending on Twitter - kind of illstrates 15-16 year-olds desperation and fear for tomorrow when I have my first English Language and French Listening papers.

Although, I have finishes offically with lessons and school. On Friday, I left at lunchtime after 3 hours of pictures, tears and signing of shirts. I have so many 'Good Luck!' messages scribbled over my shirt, presently hanging on the staircase. I also won an award from the school.

I won the Governor's prize for an 'incredible contribution' to the school in which I get awarded a £15 voucher to buy a BOOK to be presented to me in September by the Guest of Honor, none other than Greg Davies who famously plays the Head of Sixth Form in The Inbetweeners. He also used to teach Drama at my school. So I'm quite pleased and looking forward to it. Just got to find a book. I was thinking so far maybe a Penguin Classic Hardback. I love the designs for them and that would be quite special. Just have to chose one.

So yes, my life is on hold at the moment because of my school commitments which also explains my lack of posting the recent weeks and I am very sorry, but I shall probably only be posting the occasional review and the Tuesday Top Ten (Five). But by July, you shall have me back!

So the End of an Era of Secondary School.


  1. Good luck with all yuor exams this week! I'm sure you'll do very well and then revising will be over :) Also congrats on the 'incredible contribution award.' Don'y worry about taking a bit of a blogging break. I for one completely understand and we'll all still be here when you're back properly in July :D

  2. oh thank you very much! :)
    hahah true. :D


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