Saturday, 28 August 2010

Here comes the Sun, do do do do

So guys. I'm jetsetting away tomorrow morning (I have to get up at 6am...eurgh, how will I do it?) for a bit of sun before it's BTS (Back to School for anyone) so there will be no answer from me for about a week unless I find an internet cafe that's free or we magically have wireless internet. HAPPY DAYS!
So this is my actually lovely montage of books I am bringing with me to read. I must admit, I am proud of this picture so PLEASE comment. I will be a happy bunny upon my return if that happens.

See ya when I'm back. And keep posting comments etc. If anyone does...


  1. The Other Countess keeps popping up on people's blogs. It looks so good! I should check it out. The other two books look intriguing, too! I hope you enjoy(ed) them all! And thanks so much for following!

  2. I know! I brought it and now I keep seeing it everywhere. Though, it is a new book.
    YOU SHOULD. I'm nearly finished. It is absolutely amazing. Thanks. And no problem.
    Thanks for following too :)


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