Sunday, 5 September 2010


Guys. Don't get too excited but I'm back from me hols in Spaaain!
I had a lovely time. We went to Valencia first for a couple of days which is...erm...I don't know. Not that amazing a visit, especially in their air conditioning department, hmph.
   Anyway. So we drive down to Alicante, eat in at one of the most amazing, tastiest cafe ON THIS PLANET. That BLT was pretty amazing, I must say.
Stayed in a house, sunny *YES!*, lovely, I can read to my heart's content. Then.

Okay. If someone out of 10 people including me was going to get ill, it would be me right. It just HAS to be with my luck. Oh, don't worry. IT WAS!
I had what the weird Spanish doctor said was 'Spanish Stomach Cramps.'
And for those who go a bit faint at the sight of blood or sick, scroll down.

Yeah. I had terrible stomach cramps, was sick (in public of course. Just made more of an idiot of myself.) and me and my big appetite, couldn't eat which is like a disaster for me. HUGE.
So anyway. I'm better now, for all of you. Anyone that comments on this will make me feel more better and make me love them for eternity. Thanks! :)
Hope you enjoyed. :)

Now. I have to go and pack my bag for school tomorrow. *Grumbles.*


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