Saturday, 28 August 2010

Outside Beauty - Cynthia Kadohata

This isn't quite the cover of my copy of the book but that picture is on it. I picked this up, thinking it was a romance novel of those that I absolutely love but it wasn't, surprisingly. I've really enjoyed reading this one. It's been a bit busy this week, I only have one week left of the holidays and then it's Back To School time...yay? And for me, my last year at secondary school or for any one American, high school but I leave at 16 and go onto college or a sixth form. Anyway. Back to le livre.

First Sentence: "Please?" My little sister said. "Pleeeeease? Let me push you in the shopping cart. I promise you won't fall."

Outside Beauty follows Shelby through about two years of her life in the 80's. She has the perfect, beautiful mother who she inspires to be like and  three close sisters, Marilyn, Lakey and Maddie. Four children from four different fathers (You can probably tell what I was thinking as I read that) After their mother is involved in a serious car accident, Shelby's life is changed as her and her sisters are separated to go and live with their fathers. But Maddie, the youngest, is so terrifed of her frankly idiot of a father who I wanted to punch throughout the whole novel, it's stupid, that she withdraws herself from her sisters and as Shelby realises, she knows she has  to do something drastic to save her sister and her family.

I don't know about this book. I feel like I had no emotion either for it or against it. Actually, thinking about it, I liked it. It was something different to read. It was beautifully written and had quite a good plot and well...interesting characters. However, some of them did get on my nerves. And I did feel a little for Shelby nearer the end. They were doing something dangerous but then, they kinda had to do it. At the beginning, I was sitting there thinking 'Oh my god. Get on with it.' and even Shelby was starting to get on my nerves.
Mr. Bronson, which is like their enemy, even though I hated him, he was written because Kadohata wanted you to hate him. He was such a tiresome, irritating character.
On the blurb, it said 'At times wickedly funny...' Erm, really? I don't think so. Like yeah, there was funny moments but I think I laughed out loud once. And that was only because it reminded me of something equally funny.
I would recommend this to anyone that's willing to sit down and just read it and doesn't get too bored easily AND can cope with irritating characters.

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