Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I found out on La Femme Readers that Gayle Foreman is writing a sequel to If I Stay and going to be called....*drumroll* Where She Went !
Supposedly the book coming out on the 5th April 2011 but let's be honest, nothing in books or films gets to the UK that quickly if it's an American writer so it's going to be a couple more months for us English folk.
Anyway, it got me excited at least.
The book, for those who have read it and will understand, is from Adam's, Mia's boyfriend, point of view three years later. This is definitely one that I'm looking forward to reading :)

To see my own review of the first one, If I Stay, click here

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  1. Oh my god. There's a sequel.
    You have just made my day


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