Monday, 9 August 2010

What I Saw and How I Lied - Judy Blundell

I've seen this book loads of times in those books with books teenagers 'should' be reading and in Waterstones and that. But for some reason, even though it looked and sounded good, I never wanted to read it until, like normal, I saw it in my library and went for it. And I'm glad I did.

First Sentence: The match snapped, then sizzled, and I woke up fast.

It's the end of summer 1947, 3 years after the Second World War has ended. Evie's Stepfather is finally home and Evie is tired of being her mother's little girl at the age of 15. When they decide to go to Florida, a mysterious, handsome, ex-GI stranger turns up (Peter), having served with her step-father. Evie realizes she is falling in love with him who has a strange control over her parents. When a sudden tragedy (And it's a pretty big one), Evie has to choose between her family and the man she loves; she had to betray someone, just who?
     I was reading this over the weekend when I went to Hungary and even though I was sightseeing and eating, I just HAD to make time to read this. There are so many things that when you first read them, don't mean anything but at the end, it all makes sense. Me myself, had many weird looks from my parents when I said aloud 'Ohhh that makes sense now.' or 'That's clever.' It is written so well, that you just have to keep reading because you want to know more. And also, it's set in two of my favourite places: New York and Florida :)
It starts, kind of at the end and then goes back. The way it's written, is like Evie is telling you the story in person which I really liked. I also loved Evie as the heroine and I can see why she would fall in love with someone like Peter. It's also a lovely coming-of-age story and as said by Sunday Times, 'Memorable and compelling...a book to grown up with' That is so true.

I give it 3.5 out of 5

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