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So Yesterday - Scott Westerfeld

This is the last book of the three I picked up when I was in Florida, America last year, mostly because they were American books with funny covers or weren't sold in England, much like this one. Okay, so I've seen the 'Uglies' series by Scott Westerfeld and heard all the praise around them but for some reason I've never picked them up and read them. And then my quest to find them recently have resolved in finding the other books in the series Not that one. I think I need to try harder before the movie comes out....

Synopsis: There are three parts to the pyramid that rules style. At the top there, are the Innovators - the selected few who invent the trends in fashion that will eventually being global. These are followed by the Trend-Setters who 'cool-hunt' for these Innovators and sell the ideas to companies. Under that, it is Consumers who buy this 'unique' product.
 Hunter is a teenager living in New York City who is paid by big corporations to roam the streets looking for what is 'cool' and what will be the 'next big thing'. He finds Jen, a Innovater with some of the coolest shoelaces he's ever seen. Mandy, his boss, however, goes missing with only her phone found in an abandoned building and a mysterious man following them. Hunter and Jen have to get to the bottom of what is happening before it is too late for Mandy and what they find it an attempt to ruin consumerism as we all know it.

Review: This was a very different and interesting book. First off, it's a mystery story which I like a bit of. I don't normally read them too much because I don't want to get bored of them. But this one...was very different.
It was nice to have teenage investigators who kind of bounce off each other and together are very funny and the romance that comes off them makes the book a bit more entertaining. The commentary from Hunter is good and although he tells all of it, you can tell how Jen is feeling too. The roles are a bit reversed here with the female being the leader (the Innovator). I liked seeing Hunter shy and not wanting to continue.

There are also lots of facts and history included through Hunter's love of history. This is applied to the case they are trying to solve so although they may be random and weird at first, they make sense later. I learn a couple of things from this book actually.
Most of all, this book does give an insight to how consumerism works and how big companies make things fashionable and new and original. It may not be completely true I guess, but I would say that it is mostly. When you think about it, if someone had a jab to cure cancer and it worked, they would tell their friends and family who would tell theirs and soon everyone would know about it and get it.
Well, when you see in magazines of some celebrity wearing something unique and 'cool', you see more of it in the shops and then more people have access to buying it. An example being when Kim Kardashain wore a jumpsuit and look now. Every shop I go in has one and I've seen lots of people wearing one, especially with the up and down weather of England.

I know I've done it. Copied what someone was wearing. My friend came home with a vintage find...I started to love vintage (just slightly before it became even bigger) and with Twilight. In October 2009, no-one had heard of Twilight except my friend, O, who loved the series. Others of my friends read them and then, the whole year seemed to read them and then, the movie came out and then more people read it until everyone had either read it or heard of it and knew the basic story.

I liked this book although it dragged a couple of times and some of the other characters (not Jen and Hunter - I loved them) got on my nerves. WARNING: If you hate books/films (like Inception) that are complicated and confusing and you have to think deeply about them before you understand, Avoid this book. It is very complicated plot and you only understand it fully really right at the end. Well, I kind of did.
This book title also just reminded me of the Hilary Duff song, So Yesterday. Great song and Great title which really fits in with the book. I'm definitely going to look for the Uglies series now.

I give it a 4 out of 5

Author's Website:
Pages: 256
Publisher: Penguin
Challenges: None

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  1. I just read this book too and found your review. I'm a 32 year old book lover and review a lot of Young Adult books. I'll definitely be reading more of your reviews.


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