Saturday, 16 April 2011

My Week In Pictures (and some words...)

So this week for me has been Easter half term. Last year, I went on the school Ski Trip and came back with a throat infection and terrible cough meaning sleepless nights.
This Easter half term depressing item: REVISION. Yes, I have finally started revision - a month late because of Drama. Well, that's what I'm blaming it on. So I've been doing a lot this week and thought I'd share it with you.
Anyway...this may be a long post...


(From top left) 1) Katy Perry Stage. 2) Me at the concert. 3) the funky logo for Katy Perry's worldwide concert. 4) my new H&M shorts (which I love dearly). 5) my hair after being in a bun from Drama. 5) me musing at the Green. 6) our attempts at doing a pyramid (I am the top left - about to fall off) 7) me eating an ice-cream. 8) at lunch on Science Museum day. 9)George making her world at Science Museum

So I broke up on Friday after doing my Drama exam on the Thursday which went really well. We made a couple of more mistakes than the Tuesday performance (which went amazingly well) but apparently made the examiner all good! So I spend Friday afternoon enjoying the rare sight of a sunny day in England at the park playing cricket. 

Then, Saturday, I went to see Katy Perry with my best friend.  OH MY GOD. She was pretty amazing and had some lovely costume changes. She is much more of a performer than a singer at the concerts but I think that makes it much more enjoyable. She made the concert like a story and when she was changing, they had a video playing where she was going after her cat, Kitty Purry (love it). Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland! So glad I went, one of the best concerts I've ever been to in a while. I will maybe do another whole post about it but I would add some pictures by my friend took the majority of them as she had a better camera.

Sunday was spend at the Green with a group of friends, talking, eating ice cream, making (and failing) pyramids where I was put at the top a lot - weird as I'm not that light or small. Anyway, it was so nice to wear shorts and sunglasses and not have to worry about being cold or a coat! :)

Monday was my first revision day as I went to the local private school for a whole day looking at 'Of Mice and Men' for my English Literature exam. Urgh...I'm starting to hate that book now - and it's such a well written book too. I know most of the symbols and things like that off by heart now. 

Then Wednesday...I went to the Science Museum in London. I haven't been there since I was like 10. George loves space so I said I'd go with her for company as it's free to get in. It was a nice, different day out and did some revision in Science for it too :)

Then, yesterday, Friday I went to Covent Garden with my friend, Holly and we went around all the vintage shops there. I've always wanted to do that so I was so happy to finally do it and get her 2 months late  birthday present at the same time.

So overall...I have had an enjoyable week and to be honest, I'm kind of loving Year 11. Because this is our last year, we all want to meet up more and hang out in big groups which is nice as there's always different people there. I think summer is going to  be a lot like this.

How were your weeks? 


  1. You had a good week! Lucky you going to Katy Perry, I adore her!
    In Ireland we are just got our Easter Holidays yesterday, now off for two weeks :)
    Enjoy revising!

    You know you loved it. I mean, come on, you've gotta love the Launch Pad! And the space, of course. Having fun with revision? :)

  3. That was amazing! :)

    And yes of course I am George. You know how Maths thrills me...


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