Monday, 25 April 2011

She's Back.

Yes I got back last night from Cyprus..very late and went to bed straight away as it is 2 hours ahead from England so for me it was like midnight when I got home.

Anyway, after a lay-in this morning and the grand feeding of the cat next door, I am back to blogging. I also had to wade through 255 emails (I'm not kidding) mostly from Facebook and threads and urgh. It was weird and annoying. I don't want that many again.

Anyway, after Nessie telling me I had a Tumblr reply problem, I THINK I've fixed it - not too sure though. I fail at technology sometimes.

Anyway, Cyprus was veeery nice and I went to a lot of lovely places around the island including a Roman Archological Site called Kourion which brought back memories and history from my Roman Mysteries series of books days. I still need to read the next might have a Roman Mysteries revival in the coming months. That could be fun :)

Also...I was lucky to have PETER ANDRE on my flight back from Cyprus (there were many a scream at the gate) and his children were on my flight going and he was at the airport waiting for them so basically...I saw him twice in a week...I don't particularly like him but oh well! :)

The Ampti-theatre there.
I used to absolutely love these books.

Anyway, hope you all had a great week while I was galivanting around. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOEY who you might have seen commenting. She's 16 today :)

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