Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I just finished watching the coverage of the Royal Wedding.

Ah. Kate Middleton (well we can't really call her that now but oh well) looks amazing. That dress was so beautiful and she looks absolutely gorgeous.
I watched the ceremony from the comfort of my own home and sofa but those who saw her and William in the carriage going back to Buckingham Palace, wow. She must have look even lovelier.

I love the simpleness of the Sarah Burton (the lady to take over the Alexander McQueen brand after his death last year) dress and the lace sleeves as well. Pippa Middleton also looked as lovely in a very simple white floor-length straight dress.
And the bridesmaids and pageboys. Awww.
So sweet with their little puffy short dresses and flowery hair and for the boys, a uniform. However, they didn't steal the show as much as Prince William did when he was a pageboy for Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding...think poking tongue out at bridesmaid, yawning, looking bored, playing with hat and sword. I find that footage hilarious.

Anyway. I thought I'd give my thoughts and a bit about what happened for those that didn't see it. I really hope they have a lovely, happy future together. They deserve it.

Kate & Pippa holding train


  1. I loved watching the royal wedding too! Kate (or the Duchess of Cambridge!) looked beauitful and the page boys in their uniforms were so cute :)

  2. oh I know!
    There was this picture released this morning of the two older bridemaids and the pafeboys and they were like laughing and playing tricks on some of the younger guests which made me laugh.
    Kate (Duchess of Cambridge - but let's face it, she is known as Kate now to a lot of people) looks so amazingly pretty...makes me hope I look like that on my wedding day!

  3. Oh, I haven't seen that one! I saw one of the page boys and bridesmaids laughing though. Would you mind sending me a link to it? Oh yes, Kate was stunning! Yeah, nobody will call her that now. Looking like that on my wedding day would be a dream come true :)

  4. oh that might be the one I'm thinking of but I'll try and find the picture of one with the pageboys about to go into Buckingham Palace before William and Kate do and then I think Pippa Middleton said something to stop him.
    It's was quite funny.

    Yeah I'll have a look for it and send it to you via Twitter?
    I know...I was sitting there like 'I WANT A WEDDING LIKE THIS!' And the dress...I want it.

  5. Thanks for sending me the links! I love the one of the page boy looking up at the ceiling, it's just so cheeky and cute. Me too... when's the next prince available!?

  6. hahaha well there's always Prince Harry... :D


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