Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Want books that are cheaper? CHARITY SHOP TIME!

So while I should be doing some looovely Statistics coursework (Dear god. Someone help me. I think it has something against me). Seriously, you should see me right now surrounded by Maths book, numerous sheets of paper, pens, drink, calculator....urgh, I'm slightly further than I was.
So before I bore you with my wonderful description of spreadsheets and medians, I shall get to the point.

Today, I was in Oxfam tidying the books (I work there for anyone that didn't know) and I noticed a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. £1.99! Normal price, £6.99! So of course, I grabbed it and got it. But that isn't the first time, I got a copy of The Knife of Never Letting Go by the amazing Patrick Ness for just £1.99. I've seen lots of great books in there that I would buy if a) I hadn't read them yet or b) I wanted.
That's not it. I've seen lovely clothes in there. And I even bought a vintage style belt in there once for £2.99.

Looks gooood :) (UK Verson)
 Some people think that charity shops are smelly and have crap stuff in that were other peoples. But to be honest, from my experience in working in charity shops, they wouldn't take things that were like that. Got a stain on it? Throw it away. Needs steaming? Let me get the steamer and iron out. It's just that people don't realise these kind of things.

So. Moral of this post? If you're passing a charity shop that has a big selection of books in and have a bit of time and money, go in and have a look because I'm sure there might be something that might interest you. :)


  1. yeah yoou go rebecca! woo oxfam!

  2. Joey, that was a bit Charlie Parker-ish.
    haha :)
    Oh there's a copy of White Teeth by Zadie Smith in oxfam at the moment. I think you like her :S


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