Saturday, 11 September 2010

Why I love books so much...

So for me, I've just finished my first week in Year 11. For whose who have no idea what I'm rattling on about, Year 11 is my last year of secondary school and then I move onto college.
At the moment, I have Blogger open with a Word document with lots of pictures of different films and actors for my drama homework: Cover your books with pictures which show what drama means to you and why you love it. Well, the fact that I love drama because I love the buzz on stage and the feeling when you do a piece and everyone is blown away by it, but you can't put that in pictures. Cue, posters of films and theatre performances
Which got me thinking. Why do I love books so much?

I remember at my local library, where they know me by name now, that they used, and still do, a reading challenge where you had to read six books within your summer holidays. Even thought I would read all mine in half the time, my Nan still entered me for it every year. It was just a tradition. Then I hit 12 and couldn't do it anymore which left me slightly upset.
    The thing is, I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading books, so I would say that I've always liked them. In all my short 15 years. One of my favourite places are bookshops especially small ones like the Waterstones in Twickenham. I just love to sit on the floor and flick through a potential book that I would either buy or get from the library later on. You can't not sit on the floor in Waterstones, it's like suddenly the invisible rules about looking like a tramp or a freak by sitting on the floor (however, I still don't care even if I'm not in a bookshop) just don't exist and people give you a weird look but no-one does anything about it.
With books you can just go into this world where anything could happen and nothing that's actually happening in reality matters. For example, when this blog was made, I had a boyfriend. I'd known him for a couple of years and suddenly, we became good friends and then, better friends and eventually he asked me out. So anyway, this blog was created in February. In March, broke up with me and left to go to Australia for 2/3 years. Imagine that. A guy that you really like and is practically your best friend goes halfway across the world making you realise you liked him even more than you thought. I'm not looking for sympathy but what I'm saying it that books helped me. That's why around that time I had some huge Sarah Dessen and Luxe fest and read and read because it helped me not only forget for a little while but to help me get over the whole thing. With a little help from my friends :)
So, I think I love books for the variety, the smell, the characters, the romance, the mystery, the way I put myself in their shoes, and something else that I can't quite put my finger on. But I know for sure, that whatever happens, I will always love and read books....
Thanks for reading if anyone managed this far. :)


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