Friday, 24 September 2010


I realised that if you look through the posts, there is the phantom *Joey* creeping up on and filling in some of my only post comments like here and here. Oh and her rather 'laugh out loud' comment here.

Before you all judge, hear me out. She isn't some stalker who seems to know a lot about me and seem a tad strange but she is my friend that I've known for about...phew....four years now (?). I see her everyday starting from 8:30am in the morning when I sit in her form room with her before our other friends get there till about 3pm in the afternoon. And at weekends. So a lot of 'Joey-ness'

She is a such a good friend of mine. She makes me laugh, she's lovely to talk to and I love being with her. AND. She is the most fashionable person I know in the world. Seriously. She is so stylish and I envy some of her clothes. And her artwork. But that's a whole different post.
So. Check out her blog. It's mostly about clothes, fashion and saving a few pennies on things she's done herself. That stachel she shows. I'm married to it.
You heard it. She's married to my 1940's style coat. I'm married to that bag. It's absolutely beautiful, you should see it.
Her sister also has a book blog, like me, Check It Out Here :)

Me and Joey. Don't ask about why we're on the floor. Long Story.


  1. oh rebecca, you are one of the loveliest people i know! that made me so happy! :) xxxx

  2. oh thank you Joey :)
    I thought I better write something overwise some people might think you're some stalker that knows a lot about me. haha :)
    Glad you liked it :)


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