Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday Top Ten: Frustrating Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. 

I think we can all point to a few characters that drove us crazy throughout the book they are featured within for a number of reasons, be it they were just plain mean, unrelatable or just simply annoying. 

1. Hannah from 13 Reasons Why - Okay, so I know Hannah kills herself and dies before the novel even begins but I still found her silly, little tapes incredibly annoying and in a way, a little attention-seeking. Hannah kills herself because of 13 different people doing things to her and making her life difficult so to point this out to them after her death, she rotates the tapes around the people as they discover what they did wrong. I read this a while ago but from what I can remember, some of her reasons were so bad for a reason to die. It really wasn't realistic. WHY DO THAT ANYWAY?!

2. Cassia and Ky from the Matched series - From the moment I began reading Matched, I definitely wasn't pro-Cassia and then when Ky zoomed into the story, ruining the lovely relationship of Cassia and Xander, I definitely didn't like him. Ky was a bit of a pathetic character for me in this series, always doing completely stupid things. I've just recently finished the last book in the series, Reached, where I actually liked Ky by the end! So not all bad. 

3. Zelda from the Once series - Oh. MY. If there was ever a character to win 'I was to punch you in the face despite being a child' award, Zelda is the one to win this numerous times. She is saved by the ever-so lovely but naive Felix yet she was so mean! And Felix thought she was his best friend?! It was the fact she kept saying 'Don't you know anything?' that really got on my nerves...

4. Ed from Why We Broke Up  - Oh buttons, this guy deserves all the abuse reviewers throw at him. So one minute, he's all like 'You are amazing Min, I love you, let's be together' and the next, he publicly humiliates Min and they break up for one of the most shocking and horrible reasons after a month of dating and making Min fall in love with him. Urgh, so annoying.  

5. Shay from the Uglies series - From the moment Tally and Shay become friends at the beginning of the book, I knew Shay wouldn't get any better. She is so demanding, annoying and just plain rude most of the time and expects everyone to follow what she wants to do. So selfish. Hate this character so much. 

6. Regina from Confessions of an Angry Girl - I think the connotations of the name (in reference to Mean Girls) say everything about why this girl is frustrating. She ruins Rose's life because she talks to a guy who, I quote, she is 'sort of going out' with. WHAT?


  1. I've only read Matched but I completely agree with Cassia and Ky! They really irritate me! I'm just Team Xander... Does that make me biased?
    Regina also annoyed me. I'm not looking forward to reading about her in the sequel! Lovely post, Rebecca!

  2. I didn't even think to put Shay on the list. She drives me batty too. Cassia and Ky drive me nuts, but I actually found myself drawn to Ky over Xander, even though I want to like Xander better. :)

    Hannah made my list too. Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time


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