Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow and Awards

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this bout of snow that decided to fall here. I had the day off on Friday because of it and grudgingly went into college today although there was WAY too much ice around to be safe. I like snow and it makes the world look so much more prettier, although as it's starting to melt now, my likeness for the stuff is starting to fade.
I personally made a snowman with my Dad, named Buttons. Buttons is still in the garden but as we made it in the middle of the second shower of snow, he kind of has no eyes anymore.

Second thing is I was nominated for The Liebster Award by a blogger I had not heard of, Beth from Sky Rose Reviews. A little bewildered, I found out that she had nominated me because it was my blog that inspired her to make her own, which totally made my snowy day! I think, as bloggers, we all hope to inspire people to do these great things, like make a blog or read a certain book or help someone in need, but we never find out whether we do or not. So when someone declares 'I love your blog, it made me make my own', I think any blogger would agree, that it's a moment of, I guess, accomplishment and pride (not to sound too proud there). I guess it just makes me so happy for choosing to carry on blogging these three years. 
Anyway, back to the award, I don't 'do' awards as you could say but I very much appreciate them. This award is to those with less then 200 followers, and I'm all for new bloggers. It's important to remember sometimes that it's not all about the followers and looking for bloggers for this made me realise that. I love blogging, I feel people love my posts and reviews which I'm glad of. But it's been three years and I'm only on 115 followers which is a little depressing when looking at new bloggers with hundreds and hundreds of followers. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, who knows. 

So these are incredible people and bloggers that deserve much more attention that they get:

of course because at the moment, you are the top of my 'You Rock' list.

2. Lucy from Queen of Contemporary
Seriously, she is the nicest, most enthusiastic blogger I have come across, has a beautiful new blog design and is just so lovely to talk to on Twitter. And she was featured in the Daily Mail!

Sadly, those were the only two bloggers I found that I follow which had less than 200 followers. So go follow these guys and make them feel more appreciated, their blogs are great!


  1. why thank you, btw you said your college is near Royal Holloway, do you go to Strodes College?

    1. Jesus it is a small world, I went to Strodes for a year last year. Chris Mason rocked but no so much Mick the biology teacher

    2. Seriously? I'm in my second year so this really is a small world!
      Oh I don't do any science-y subjects so I don't know who they are but I think I've heard some of my friends complain about Mick.

  2. Why, Rebecca! Stop making me blush! I'm sure I'm not the nicest! That's you, of course!
    YOU ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG WHATSOEVER! I know of some blogs with 700+ followers who only get 1 comment a day. YOU have dedicated followers who love your blog. Yes, we all have days where we get a little fed up with our lack of followers or comments but sometimes we need to relax and just enjoy it.
    You could have the best blog in the world (which you do!) and have only a small amount of followers and then you could have a blog with 1000+ followers whose posts you can't understand and aren't correct.
    You should be proud of Rebecca-Books because I know I'm proud to be a reader!

    1. Oh Lucy, that really cheered me up. Was having a little bit of a bad day yesterday and I think that came out in what I was writing. Didn't mean to sound so negative!

      I keep telling myself this and you saying it affirms it. Long live Rebecca-Books.


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