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On My Bookshelf (32) - The CHRISTMAS and PARIS edition!

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Gifted for Christmas:

These are some of the highlights of my Christmas presents which I was most excited about (as well as a spotty hot water bottle, yes I am an old lady...). And those ARE penguin slipper socks.

- Downton Abbey Series 3 DVD - For American fans where series 3 is just starting, a LOT happens, both lovely and bad. Just, Branson. And Matthew. Oh and we can't forget Mary. I LOVE THIS PROGRAMME TOO MUCH.

- The Cat Returns DVD - A few weeks ago, two of my best friends and I discovered the world of anime movies, first with Howl's Moving Castle and then this - both of which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. I know some people are a bit like 'Urgh, anime/manga', but I have to admit these movie was goood. And I love cats. And this is all about cats. So perfect combination! Try it, this film is so cute.

- The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern - Ah, The Night Circus (review). After borrowing a friend's copy and absolutely loving the design of the hardback she had, I decided to ask for my own for Christmas because it really is such a beautiful book on the outside and in the writing. Recommend to EVERYONE (literally, this is one of the only books I genuinely recommend at work)

- Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver - This was a little bit of a surprise when I opened my present from my best friend. I could feel it was a book through the wrapping paper but I was intrigued to know what book I'd accidentally slipped into conversation. And found this! I was surprised because I've never discussed this series or this author with her before. I liked Delirium (review), which I read in 2012 and Oliver's other book, Before I Fall (review) and was quite keen to get a copy of this to find out what happens to Lena next in the series.
As my friend said 'Buying presents helps when you publish your life on the internet'

Borrowed from Library:

Reached by Ally Condie - I literally only went into the library for a peek at what new books they had in as I haven't looked in ages and I didn't want to go home quite yet. When I did, I was faced with this book sitting on the table straight as I walked into the Young Adult area. I had to pick it up right?! I've read the first two books in this series, Matched (review) and Crossed (review) but I wasn't too impressed with Crossed being marginally better than the first. However, I want to know what happens to Cassia, Ky and Xander in the end, even if I have to struggle through a 500-odd page book to find out. Please Cassia choose Xander...

As those that follow me on Twitter know, I went to Paris last week in between Christmas and the New Year which was lovely. Before I went, my friend, who went to Paris last summer, told me about this amazing bookshop called Shakespeare and Company. A little intrigued by her words 'Just go there', I fully researched where it was in Paris, opening times etc. I'm not sure what I was expecting, a little second hand shop by the Notre Dame perhaps, but not what I was faced with.

So pretty!

Shakespeare and Company is a great mix of new and old books, with the shelves homing brand spanking new books ready to be read as well as donations that have been clearly been loved with the slight tear here, a break of the spine there. And so many shelves on every topic you can think of crammed into shop with piano playing constantly set slightly back from the main road by the Seine. There's a strange mixture of tourists and full-on book geeks (I was in between) as well as the mix of different languages from French and English to German and even Japanese. It's somewhere I didn't think existed if I'm honest, and a dream to visit for any book lover. While I was there, I, of course, HAD to purchase something.

I've always wanted to read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I know the story from the films but it's always better to read the actual story. And it was in the old style Penguin covers which made me want this more. I was going to get a copy of Wuthering Heights for English, but the vintage copy I found was too nice to have to write and highlight to shreds. It was a lovely experience, just wandering around for an hour in there alone (my parents ditched me for a cup of coffee). They gave a little stamp in the book too so I don't forget where I brought it: 

Aaaaand I was reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins because well, it was just TOO appropriate  On the day I visited Shakespeare and Company, I went back to the hotel for some downtime before dinner and guess what cropped up in that book? 

Me too, Anna. Me too.


  1. I was just about to say that I think that bookshop features in Anna and the French Kiss! I was right for once! Haha!
    ST CLAIR!!!!! I do love him a little bit too much... I'm going to have to read it again this year! I MUST HAVE ETIENNE!

    DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love Branson a little too much! Maybe a little more than Matthew. That ending was just so SAD! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO US?!

    I really need to read Crossed and Reached but I didn't enjoy Matched as much as I hoped I would. And I'm definitely Team Xander! WOO!

    Sorry for the over the top comment! I just can't help myself!

    1. Ah St Clair is a little perfect is he not? I loved the book, can't wait for Stephanie Perkins' next one.
      YES, so happy you love Downton Abbey also. I do love Branson a lot, it used to be Matthew but he got a little bit too lovey dovey for me in Series 3...I know, and on CHRISTMAS DAY?! So sad.

      I didn't like Crossed and Matched too much at all, too slow. But I'm about 150 pages into Reached and I'm enjoying it so far which is good. Yes, ALWAYS TEAM XANDER. I really don't like Ky...


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