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Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett (#1)

I liked the sound of this from the moment I read the synopsis - a contemporary that portrayed high school/secondary school in a way that I can relate to thrown in with some cat fights, deceit, romance and betrayal - perfect little read.
On the cover, I love this cover, especially the utter simplicity of it. For those that have read the book, it makes sense like the necklace and I love that aspect of some covers. On another note, I dislike the font on the UK cover. It's the same photograph but the font just clashes and contrasts horribly in my opinion with the simplicity and elegance of this cover (have a look here). Meh, do not like it.

Synopsis: Meet fourteen year-old Rose Zarelli. She's a word-geek, or geek in general. She has the total of two friends. Starting high-school. Her father died a few months ago. Oh and she's really really angry...

Review: I read this book in a record (for me) two days. I was off ill with a really terrible cold so was confined to my bed and read for THE WHOLE DAY. Literally, I only got up for toilet breaks and lunch.

My first impression when starting Confessions of an Angry Girl was that Rose didn't seem angry to me at all. She seemed like any teenager in that she hated high school but she didn't seem angry about everything as the blurb led me to believe. The novel follows Rose's antics throughout her freshman year at high-school (or Year 10 to English folk) which involves getting over her father's sudden death, having no maternal support or brotherly support for that matter, her best friend wanting a career in popularity rather than friendship, the affections of an older, attractive and um, taken guy. Oh and making enemies with the queen bees of the high-school, the cheerleading team most of all Regina (yes, her name IS Regina like Mean Girls Regina. BUT SHE'S WORSE) who has some serious vendetta against Rose after the suspicion that Rose and said older, attractive and taken guy are having a thing. This guy, Jamie Forta, is Regina's boyfriend...
For me, it wasn't until the rivalry developed between Rose and Regina with the addition of the lovely yet too fragile Jamie that actually the anger Rose has is expressed. So after like halfway through the book, the ANGER ARRIVES BIG TIME.

If you were meeting Rose in person, her reserved and quiet self would never show this angry girl that Rozett is trying to convey. However, through Rose's strong, feisty narrative voice, the raw emotion of her fury is very clear and it is this that I think improves Rose's character to a strong lead. In short, I did find her a little weedy at times on the surface until her anger came apparent. The emotion and annoyance in her voice has been remarkably shown in a way that I only realise upon finishing this novel.
Rose is your real, troubled teen and I felt very connected with her as she realistically goes through the peril and confusion of her teenage years. I understood her confusion towards the whole idea of sex and love, her attitudes towards drinking and just her cynicalism of the social ethics of a high-school/secondary school for teenagers nowadays. Rose may not be the most likeable protagonist, but she is one of the most realistic.
I really liked her feistiness and cynicalism that reminded me a little of Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You, she acts as a feminist for the teenage generation (and being a slight feminist myself, I was definitely pro-Rose). My only problem with Rose was that she felt too young to be 14 in the plot. That may be the point but I felt she should have been a little older to experience the things that happen to her. She acted much younger than a 14 year-old to me too, perhaps I was just a mature 14 year-old (that was like 4 years ago sooo I may have forgotten...). It just didn't seem to fit with her age for me.

Adding to the awesomeness of Rose, we have a bunch of hilarious, annoying and just plain lovely characters. I liked Jaime, his gentleness, sarcasm and the older tone to him I think worked well with the story. Angelo and Peter, her brother were some lovely additions to the story that kept it different and entertaining. Now onto the annoying. We all remember the boom of Mean Girls don't we? Meet Regina, the antagonist of Confessions of an Angry Girl (I personally think the name has been used on purpose). We remember the cattiness, rudeness and just plain stupidness of Regina from Mean Girls? AMPLIFY THAT BY LIKE 3 AND YOU HAVE THE OTHER REGINA. Oh my. She is scaaaaary, I would not like to be in Rose's shoes. And the annoying thing: she gets so hung about the fact she thinks Rose and Jaime are TOGETHER when she herself may not even be TOGETHER. She is pure evil.
And then we have Tracey who I have to say wins 'Worst Friend Ever' hands down. I liked the friction and the differences displayed throughout between Tracey and Rose but after a while when Rose goes through quite a lot, I felt Tracey just became this character that was constantly opposite with Rose. A friend that felt she needed to talk to Rose because she's known her so long. I think we all have at least one of those in our lives.

I did really enjoy reading this book, I enjoyed all the little secrets, the drama playing out and mostly the realism that Rozett displays through Rose that I think any teenager would be able to relate to. This is a perfect series as a survival guide to high-school/secondary school. I liked most aspects of the novel, the only one I really did not like was the ending. It is clear that Rozett is trying to end Confessions of an Angry Girl for the sequel in the series, but I did feel it was a little TOO open. Without revealing too much, there are a lot of loose ends that are yet to be tied up upon ending the book. There is still doubt between Rose and Jaime's relationship (which from the title of the next book I think will be cleared up) and ah Rose!

This is a lovely little find on your bookshelf to pass a sick day, like me, or boring, dreamy afternoon away that should keep you hooked with the plot and the interactions of the characters. I felt that the romance and ending could have been a little more developed but I hope that the next book will sort that out! So looking forward to getting my hands on a copy!

I give it a 4 out of 5

Author's Website:
Pages: 272
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Challenges: None

Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this through Netgalley.

The next book in the series, CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST-GIRLFRIEND is out July 2013


  1. I received this book as well! This looks like a great contemporary to get a hold of! I hopefully will read it in the next few weeks and I can't wait. From the looks of this review, its going to be great a book! I love the sound of Rose, I do like reading characters that are more realist is to the book. You have that connection with the protagonist! Lovely review, Rebecca. :-)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I hardly ever read contemporary but this one sounds pretty good, especially since you found it to be realistic. I have to agree with you on the UK cover, the font looks so immature and weird compared to the photo used.
    Great review, Rebecca!

    1. Exactly, the US cover looks so much more mature and looks like its FOR teens.

  3. I really enjoyed this book as well and rated it the same as you. I completely agree with all of the things that you mentioned! :) As always, I LOVE YOUR REVIEW!


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