Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 Historical Fiction Challenge

I have participated in a challenge much like this for the last two years as I'm a big historical fiction fan. It's one of the genres I enjoy the most so it's nice to have something to encourage me to do just that.
The challenge, run by YA Bliss last year, doesn't seem to be continuing but after a quite Google search, I found this one run by Historical Tapestry so I decided to join it. If you would also like to join, click here.

Essentially there are 5 levels, depending on how many books you would like to read, and the challenge is to successfully beat or match that level in the next 12 months.
Last year, I read 15 historical fiction novels (which I'm a little bit surprised at) and considering the amount stress there is going to be in my personal life this year, I'm going for the Medieval level of 15 books. Let's see if I can match that!

To-read list:
A Company of Swans - Eva Ibbotson
Velvet - Mary Hooper
The Lucky Ones - Anna Godbersen
The Book Thief - Marcus Zusack
Changeling - Philippa Gregory

Books I have read:


  1. Whatever you do, you definitely must read The Book Thief. I thought it was a terrific book, and if you only manage to read one of these books (which I highly doubt), make it that one!

    1. Oh thank you for the recommendation, I'll make sure I do :)

  2. I need to read more historical fiction, it is such a good genre but I only recall reading 2 in my life! -.- I have heard amazing things about Velvet and The Book Thief. I have read books by Eva Ibboston before and I really enjoyed them. Good luck! :)


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