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Teen Idol - Meg Cabot

Now, before you judge me on this book but this...rather bright pink cover, hear me out.
Alrighty. Well as much as I liked Dreamland, it was, overall, depressing and I needed something upbeat to help. So I chose this book as I used to read it when I was younger and I loved it. I also love how now, I understand the sexual innuendos and references.
    Also...Who (that is a girl and in their teens/20's) hasn't read any Meg Cabot books?
Not me. I loved this one - and the Princess Diaries series (which I still have on DVD) until they got all to about sex and I felt uncomfortable reading them...

Everyone loves Jen Greenley. She is pretty, clever and incredible good at giving advice and listening to people's problems. However, this doesn't always get you far in the whole teenage high school experience. Until, she is asked to look after Lucas Smith aka, Hollywood's most famous teenage actor, Luke Striker, who is coming to Clayton to research a role in a new high school set movie. He has of course, never been to high school before. It's up to Jen to make sure his true identity is not known and to keep on top of everything else. Soon everyone will know about her new friend and she'll be caught up in the chaos.

Overall, this is a fun read. It's funny at some points and the plot is unusual to most books for this age. I loved Jen as a character. She was very down to earth, trying to sort everyone out for a happy high school and I a very overall likable character. Which is probably how she should be considering the storyline.
I have two critisms.
1) She says 'I mean' quite a lot at the beginning - if to add humour - I don't know. But it did get annoying until it stopped being so frequent.
2) If I saw this book in a bookshop without reading it, I would think it's for pre-teens/young teens about 12/13. Well, I don't think it is. The cover lets it down and although it's a nice cover, it's Jen isn't one of those pink, girly girls anyway.

What I loved was that what you think is going to happen at the beginning doesn't at the end - one think that I like about books. Keeps you guessing. The people in Clayton also find Luke's identity out about halfway through which left me thinking 'Hang on, what's happening in the rest of the book then?' But it works. I don't know why but it does and to be honest, Luke isn't actually physically in the book much.
He also seems in description. I can understand their love for him. Trina, Jen's best friend, is the one that made me laugh. She reminded me of (if you may know) Trina on Victorious? It's a show I sometimes watch on Nick (yes. I watch that channel - and Disney). It's a good show and the way she was...and the name...reminded me of her.
In conclusion, this book is for fun reading especially after a depressing, sad novel and does leave you smiling and upbeat - just like I wanted.
Actually. To be honest, Meg Cabot does that in general. Make you smile I mean :)

I give this 3.5 out of 5

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  1. Ahh, one of my favorite stand alones written by Meg Cabot (the minute I saw it in my blogspot dashboard I was all "I love that book I love that book I love that book". Sorry for those repetitions, hehe).
    Comparing Cabot bookcovers by PanMacmillan, this one isn't really standing out in its pinkness (PD1, PD7, Nicola and the Viscount, Avalon High, AAG1, and Airhead 1 are all majorly pink too, and vary in their target demographic, I'd say).
    I do hope this gets made into a movie fairly close to the actual story (I like the end bit, even if the casting is off :P)

  2. Actually, yeah, a movie of this would be good. But not like a Disney movie kind of thing. A Proper Movie.
    Hmmm...true, I guess Meg Cabot is going for the kind of age that go for pink books if you know what I mean. I know I would have when I bought this book years ago.
    hahah, nah it's okay. It made me laugh :)

    Thank you for commenting.

  3. Actually, Rebecca, I have never read a Meg Cabot book. When I was a kid, I was all about Harry Potter, Eragon, Wolf Brother etc. Not forgetting the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HIS DARK MATERIALS SERIES, which if you haven't read, I would strongly recommend. In Georgia terms, this means read it, read it NOW and write a review about how GREAT it is or I'll hijack your blog one day when you're not looking and do it for you!
    Sorry, I get a bit emotional when the His Dark Materials series are mentioned. Those books were my childhood, alond with the Harry Potter computer games, of course. I'll see you tomorrow at Nandos with prezzies! :)

  4. George. In fairness, you weren't the girly kid person, were you? As you said yourself, you were the weird one who liked Harry Potter. I didn't get into Harry Potter until later..
    I still kind of aren't. I think the films are just well made and interesting. I've read all the books...i think.

  5. :O I only saw this now. Georgia, Meg Cabot isn't the stereotypical girly writer - she mixes in oddities like a penchant for martial arts, or band geekiness with her different characters. Although I can understand how amazingly His Dark Materials is and this amazingness is on a completely different wavelength than Meg Cabot. But to be fair I thought I ought to mention the above x)

  6. Hahah I'm glad to meet another person who appreciates the amazingness of His Dark Materials! And maybe I'll give Meg Cabot a go, catch up on what I missed out. :)
    Our English teacher had a baby recently and she called it Lyra! They're her favourite books too and I thought that was really sweet.

  7. Oh I absolutely love this series. And Meg Cabot. I think she's a genius. Strangely though, I gobbled up the first two books in the series immediately but have had the third book on my shelves unread for absolutely ages. Maybe I'm waaiting until I have a NEW Meg Cabot book on my shelves to look forward to.


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