Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Quick Update #4 and some MOVIE LONGING.

Well at the moment, I'm sitting at my desk in my room with my mother on the phone downstairs with her 'Nice Voice' switched on while talking to a collegue at work. Outside, the weather is well...I know one word I could call it. Okay. I'll add stars....it looks sh*t. Grey clouds. No Sun. And actually it looks like it could chuck it down in a minute.
   I myself? I am ill so as it's 2:30pm which I should technically be in my last lesson, Media right now, I thought I do a bit of work. not.
Ah. I could get used to this.

Anyways. Yesterday, I got my script for my last Unit of Drama. FINALLY. So...it's called Hard to Swallow and it's about a girl who suffers from Anorexia over the course of seven years. Yeah. Happy. I did want something serious though.
I've read through it and me and my group (including Joey (!) who plays the girl) have the lovely task of making a good play out of it in six weeks. Oh dear Lord. I am going to be so depressed over the next few weeks...
Though, I just found out, it's an adaptation of a book which was written by the real life character of my character, Maureen. Catherine (the girl)'s mother. And now I kind of want to read it. You know, get it first hand what it was like to be in that situation. So has anyone read or heard of ''Catherine: The story of a young girl who died of Anorexia'? It would be great if you did.

   I have some movie longing at the moment as I told George. But first.
OH MY GOD. COLIN FIRTH WON BEST ACTOR AT THE BAFTAS. I watched it happen. I am so happy for him, not just because I love him as an actor and person, but still. He deserves it after all the things he's done. I hope he wins the Oscar too next week.

So here is my Movie Longing:

The King's Speech
Okay. So I have actually seen this one already but my Mum wants to see it and I want to see it again because during the movie, I was so hungry, I was trying to see if I could steal piece of popcorn from George without her noticing while eating mine. She didn't notice for the couple of times I successfully stole. So my mother is my excuse to go.
Anyway. Who doesn't want to see Colin Firth again? I make my point.

Brighton Rock
Not at the top but I want to see this to see what happens. It looks good and well made and set in Brighton? Sounds good. And set in the 50's/60's? AH. I WANT TO SEE IT!
This guy << looks interesting too. I won't repeat what I thought when I saw the trailer before The King's Speech but anyway...
   With The Black Swan. Everyone wants to see it. But well...i'm not sure. My friend saw it and they were a bit creeped out by it. Anyway, it sounds like I would be hiding from the screen before half way.

Gnomeo and Juliet
Words to not describe how much I would like to see this movie. I mean Gnomeo and Juliet? That sounds so great. I am already laughing at the trailer which I've seen twice now...hah. Some crazy Gnomes.

And Emily Blunt (Her in The Young Victoria - love her!) and James McAvoy....oh. oh. Him in Becoming Jane...aww.

Never Let Me Go
Ah. I have been waiting for this movie since October when I was in America and I heard about it. This is based on a novel by the same name. Love Adaptations of books.
And the cast << Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley (who grew up around where I live and I love her acting and movies) and Andrew Garfield.  think they're all great and should be good together. I am also interesting because when I read the synopsis, it sounded a little dystopian, which is my new love....GAH I WANT TO SEE IT.

Anyway. I'm done. Hope you enjoyed that :)


    And I think all of us wanto to see Never Let Me Go, we could do a big outing.
    I read a bit of your script and it seems a bit abstract for my tastes. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys do it and I know you'll do great! At least people won't fall asleep in yours, which they probably will in Antigone...
    Seriously. The only person who actually likes it is Rosie. This is gonna be a fun six weeks...

  2. Whoops. Forgot you'd read it. It was only like 3 times, I swear. And when you were concentration on the film or talking to Tijana.
    yeah we should in half term :)

    ABSTRACT? It's more than that. Well, yeah she's also the only one who likes our script. And yes. These six weeks are going to be stressful with my 145 lines. Better start learning *grumbles*


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