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Matched - Ally Condie

So I'm rushing around my local library frantically trying to find The Legacy by Gemma Malley WHICH I AM SO DESPERATE TO READ. And the library computer says 'Check Shelf'. SO WHERE IS IT?
I ask one of the librarians, who takes one look at my school uniform (this was after school) and decides that the book I'm looking for is about vampires and points at a display of them. Why do all people think teens only read about vampires? oh yeah. Twilight. Grr.
   So anyway. I wander over there and don't find it. I find this one though next to it in the display for 'New In'. I've seen some reviews for it on the blogosphere and it's on my 'to-read' list on Goodreads. So I thought I'd pick it up.
I never found The Legacy :(

Imagine a society where Officals decide who you will love and marry. How many children you have. Where you work. When you die. It's enough to make you rebel, feel isolated, controlled and watched where ever you are. Want to make your own choices. For seventeen-year-old Cassia, this is her life.

Cover: I like the cover. It's simple and interesting and very different. Although, I have no idea how the girl in the bubble has anything to do with the story. Green is repeated throughout but, this isn't obvious.

The synopsis is short because I will give too much away otherwise. The book goes straight into the action and continues from there. Whether this is a good thing, I'm yet to decide.
When I finished this book this morning, it felt like...nothing had really happened. Throughout the book you're getting nearer and nearer the end and you're waiting for that big, shocking event but really, it never happens.
However, afterwards when you think of what happened, so much does and some, you enjoy, some, you don't. From the middle to the end, it is very flat and this is of course where the main things happen. I'm just not sure.

  The writing and characters, on the other hand, were really well done. Ally Condie writes some beautiful stuff especially when Cassia goes hiking on the hills. Cassia, overall, was great. She had her moments where I was sitting there thinking 'What is she doing?' but mostly I liked her and her take on life. Her final choice at the end is obvious and so cliche. But, it fitted with the rest of the book and I would say the rest of the series. It gives you and her, hope.
Xander. Oh my. If he was real, he WOULD be my best friend. He is just so lovely and understanding. A little obsessive with the games perhaps but nonetheless, I love him as a character. He wasn't actually in the story that much but I liked that. I wanted him to come back in the story and then he would. Oh I love him!
Ky. He annoyed me. I have no idea why. But he did. One thing I don't understand is one of the napkins about the death. (if you've read the book, you'll understand what I'm saying) - I didn't get how and who did it. That might be the point though. I guess I just prefered Xander.

Overall, this book has some great characters and is writing so lovely. The ending was a little bit of a let down to the rest of the book but I still enjoyed it. It was different to what I expected but somehow, I enjoyed it still. Especially the mentions to present day, now e.g. Wedgewood plates. It's one of these books which could come true. Our lives could be like that in the future - controlled and where freedom of speech is seen as not necessary. It seriously does make you think.
I shall be probably read the next in the series, Crossed, which is being released later this year - if only to know what happens next.

I give this book a 4 out of 5

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  1. It sounds like a good book. I might read it. If you like distopian futuristic novel, you might like the Mortal Engines quartet (it's actually now a sextet) by Phillip Reeve. Or maybe that's me trying to enforce my childhood on others.
    I discussed this with Joey - if there's such thing as a mid-teen crisis, I'm having one.
    Also, Xander is a great name. I love names that begin with X. If I ever have a kid called Alexander, I shall call him that. In fact, if I ever have a boy, I'm calling him Xavier. That's the best X name ever.

    By the way, I think you mean "cliche" instead of "clique" :) (I'm so sorry, it's an addiction)

  2. I think the cover is meant to be Cassia trapped in the Society... you know, metaphorically. That's how I thought of it anyway (:
    How could you not like Ky, he was so... idk really, but he was a good character.
    Completely agree with the rating though :)

  3. I loved this book, but I agree with you about the napkins being confusing sometimes.

  4. Thank you for your comments.

    George: Yeah I've heard of that series. And I would say there could be. We're 16. We want to be younger could happen. And yeah, I thought that was a great name too. I tell you what other name I like...Jonah. I don't know why...and thanks, i'll change it.

    That Book Blog: Yeah true. I thought it might have something to do with the green tablet because she keeps trying not to take it? I don't know either why I didn't like Ky. I must admit, I got more used to him nearer the end. I prefered Xander though.

    Becca: THANK YOU! I did love this book and the idea of it. It just wasn't perfect for me. But everyone has their opinions. :)


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