Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quick Update #3

You know the most scary thing about blogging? The Stats.

So. Let's be fair, my blog is the most well known in the blogosphere but I'm up there - kind of. Anyway, today, I was bored after doing some science homework so I looked at my Stats which I normally feel self conscious about doing. Oh my.

In Janurary 2011, last month, I had 1,246 views from 16 different countries. Seriously.
Okay, so most of them was probably me (even though I don't track my pageviews) or my friends that have blogs themselves. It's surreal.

Moving on, my birthday is in....THREE DAYS. I don't know why I'm so excited but I am. I guess it's because of the whole BIG sixteen thing. I mean, sixteen? Wowsas. That seems so older and mature. Which I am SO not. I burst in to laughter whenever my science teacher calls the air sacs in our lungs 'moist'. Gladly, I'm not the only one.
So yes. Moral of story. I am kind of excited for Sunday. I have a whole weekend of celebration, it's crazy. But also, I'm not because I leave the age of ripe old fifteen behind and also, it's so busy at the moment.

I am also loving Matched at the moment. It's so much like The Declaration series, it's unreal. Hmmm...copying? Don't think so. The plot and the 'worlds' are different structures etc.

Anyways. Have a nice weekend! :)


  1. I turned eighteen last summer and you betcha I don't feel like a grown up :P I hear it's pretty common though (thankness for that)
    Woot for sweet sixteen, three days time you'll be getting my condolences ;)

  2. Just you wait, Rebecca. Three days and you'll be a mature 16 year old like me.
    ...Heheh moist.

  3. hahah thank you :)
    oh god. Eighteen is going to be the same thing, I'm thinking now.
    haha yes Sweet Sixteen. I read about it, I watch movies about it and now mine is here....without the car :(

  4. Aww...I hope you have a heappy birthday, Rebecca. I turned sixteen recently...actually, a few months ago, and it doesn't feel like much has changed. although I think changes are on the horizon. I love meeting bloggers my age! Thanks for commenting at my blog. I think I'm going to follow you and see what more awesomeness you come up with.... :)

  5. Thank you! Yes it's nice when they kind of know what it's like to have a blog and school etc.
    It's so weird because tomorrow is my birthday...but it doesn't feel like it will be tomorrow. It's actually pretty amazing in some ways.
    Oh thank you :) I already follow you, otherwise I would return the favour. haha of course :)


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