Thursday, 17 February 2011

First Blogoversary!

Okay, first things first, I'm not going to gush about how amazing my life is because well, it's not that amazing and well. My life has nothing to do with this post. So i'll shut up about that now.


And I'm pretty happy I made it through a whole year of book blogging without losing interest in it.

Anyway, there has been a lot of controversy over the hobby of book bloggers the last few weeks and to be honest, they don't know what it's about.
This past year, I have met lots of interesting, funny people who all share a love for books and the smell of them. If I told my parents or some of my friends about a book I love, they would nod politely and then move onto another more 'interesting' conversation. It's also helped me analyse things, especially with GCSE's looming. I have met so many people that have commented and helped with support for them too when I've been feeling low. Being a blogger makes you feel that you aren't alone in your interests of books, fashion, writing - whatever it is. It doesn't matter. And the people saying that obviously aren't bloggers and don't know what it's like.
When I get comments, I am over the moon and happy for the rest of the day. You know that someone is reading what you think and telling you their views and thoughts on that book/film/fashion/idea. It's actually a pretty unique and amazing feeling.
That's all I have to say to those who don't agree with book blogging. Try it sometime and you might change your mind.


Anyway, moving back on to my blogoversary.
Today, is my other birthday apart from my own. So let's celebrate. Get your party hats. They ARE essentical of course. I also realised this is my 100th post. Great coincidence, methinks.
Here is my first ever post. Wow, I wrote badly and the picture. Yuck.

I just want to say, a HUGE thank you to everyone whose ever commented on here or Goodreads. To everyone that reads what I have to say and thank you especially to my 27 followers. It's not much for some people but you, those people, make me feel like I should keep reading and reviewing. Without them, I would have given up a long time ago.

Thank You Again and hopefully I'll be back here next year saying the same sort of thing :)


  1. Congrats :D
    What a joyous coincidence, with the number of posts too. My hundreth post is coming up soon too, but I have to go look for my anniversary.
    In any case:

  2. Thank you Nessie and That Book Blog :)

    Nessie: oh really? It's a bit werid when I open blogger now and see 100 posts. It's like, I wrote that much?
    And I had a a look at the link, oh thank you so much :) It made me smile. And I've saved it to my computer for keeps sake. :)

  3. Darvit. I just realized I typoed two "the"s in the text. Just goes to prove the brain really skips it. Anyways, nice to know you liked it :)

    Hehe, I glossed over the 100th post, I think having an anniversary based on years might be better with my blog, since I'll be away from home and can properly actually celebrate it ;)

  4. Did you? I didn't notice. Whoops.

    haha yeah mine just happened to happen at the same time! :)

  5. le sigh, what a lovely coincidink, I have to wait for November to roll around x)

    Say I thought I saw something about help needed for your stats thing on my dashboard, but that post is nowhere to be found. Could that be my imagination playing tricks on me? (also, I'll probably only be able to answer this once I get home, c. 1 hours time)


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