Monday, 11 October 2010

How I want to live in America right now....

Bright Young Things is one of the most eagerly awaiting novels of the year. The next series for the personally amazing Anna Godberson who stunned teenagers....including me, with her 1) amazing front cover and 2) great series of The Luxe Series which included four novels, Luxe, Rumours, Envy, Splendor featuring four young women in 1900's New York and the things they get up to. It was an amazing series and most YA bloggers have heard of them, in America and England.

To see my review of Splendor, click here.

Now on to the point. In the 'blogosphere', everyone is gearing up for the realease of this on the 12th October, tomorrow. But for us English folk as this is an American novel, we have to wait until 1st JANUARY 2011.
I'm not joking. I am so annoyed.

I mean, I know we're a different continent and it's the same for America with English authors but still. I think they should really be realeased at the same time in both places. Then, you don't have English readers waiting and waiting for it while seeing reviews like 'OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BOOK.' and vice versa.

What do you think? Hm.

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