Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ramblings #1

Okay I just need to get this off my chest. Well a few things. *Cue long list of things that is happening in my brain at this moment.* Let me commence. 

1.  So. I FINALLY finished this Statistics coursework that I've been getting stressed over for like FOREVER. And it's a Mock. YES A STRESSFUL MOCK. Because I wasn't told what I was doing. Anyway. I'm so proud I finished it 4 days early. YAAY. 

2. I hate it when people who are normally so lovely and compliment you on how pretty you look today in dreary school uniform and then behind your apparently 'pretty' back, go and bitch about you to YOUR TWO BEST FRIENDS. I mean, who does that? And the things it was about. The most pathetic things I have heard in my whole bitching experience. They just don't like the fact I'm friends with them. AND, I talked to them when no-one else did and I hardly appreciate it when they're like that, do I?

3. Halloween. I cannot wait. It's my first Halloween in the country, normally I'm away as it's in half term usually. So I'm away this half term (sorry guys. Going to AMERICA :D ) but come back on halloween morning so I can go to my friend's HARRY POTTER themed party. Oh yeah. You heard it. Joey is also attending. I shall put pictures up. Don't worry. 
BUT my one problem is I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. I might go for a blue jumper and a black skirt with patterned tights and my friend, Abbi is lending me a Hogwarts 7-8 aged robe. But still...does anyone know where I can get something like this, just comment below:
The Jumper part? 

 4. I've been thinking this for a while because now I'm hooked on blogging. Seriously. I am, it's weird I know. SO. I've decided that this is going to be not only a Book Blog, but a Fashion and like 'My Life blog' too. Of course, it will be mostly about Books but they would be an add on. So. The Fashion part will have like Latest buys, my love for Vintage clothing and jewellery and anything in that department that I get excited about. The Life part will be like, well, this. And I shall include pictures of any exciting moments in my life. have that to look forward to. To come in the not too distant future :)

5. that the end? I think so. Oh the competition link isn't working, thanks to Joey telling me, so when I have some free time, I'll change it and make a whole new post.

6. Urgh. Still fuming after this crappy week. 

Sorry about the word 'bitch'. Best word to describe it and let's face it, it isn't the most offensive word.
If you've got this far, Thanks for reading :)

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