Saturday, 16 October 2010

Infinity - Sarah Dessen

Yes. Sarah Dessen is BACK. With a vengance.
I heard about this a couple of months ago and I saw it in Waterstones, thinking about adding it to my current Sarah Dessen collection of books on my bookshelf. While relishing in how much I love this woman, I turned it over to find it was £3.99 for 94 pages. Then, opening it to inspect whether it was worth it, I realised that Infinity is actually only 33 pages long, which I read in one sitting, the rest are extracts from her other full length novels, Just Listen and That Summer.
Anyway, pronoucing it a bit of a rip-off, you can imagine my happiness when I saw it in the library when I went to get The Resistance. Without even looking at the blurb, I picked it up and rushed to the counter.

First Sentence: Lately I don't dream about Anthony. I dream about the roundabout

This SHORT story is all about making choices as a 16 year old teenager. The girl in Infinity has just passed her driving test and new on the road. There are two things in her life that she has to make choices about soon. 1. Her boyfriend, Anthony, wants to have sex with her but somethng it making her push him away, making their relationship suffer. 2. The roundabout. The roundabout in her town, is a massive chaotic roundabout that's left her mother avoiding it completely. Will she go around it or like everything else, take the shortcut out of it?

Even though it was petty 33 pages long, this book somehow was good. It doesn't particularly have the potenical to be a full-length novel but Sarah Dessen still somehow established the characters and the scene in those 33 pages. The only person in the whole story who was given a name was Anthony. I don't know particularly why Sarah Dessen did this - maybe to show that he's not the unique character, that he's just an ordinary boy that every girl will meet once in a while - thank god, it hasn't happened to me yet.
The girl in Infinity is never named which adds a bit of intrigue. The idea of the roundabout it great, it reminded me of a few around here that are sometimes chaos and how I watch my mother's concentration as she somehow gets around the mass of cars going in the same direction. It's incredible - and definitely makes me fear becoming a driver in 2 years time. That itself is just weird.

This is a very short story about growing up and basically being a teenager.
I give it 3.5/5

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  1. Hello:) I´m german, so sorry for my bad english... i have to say that i have the pretty same opinion like you. and your text helped my a bit understanding the story. we read it in school, in english

    1. I'm glad my review and opinion helped with your English.
      This is a good book to learn English with because of the length of the book. Please let me know if you want any other recommendations for learning English :)


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