Friday, 15 October 2010


Me in Brighton :)

Okay. I know I'm not the most creative person in the world, neither am I the most interesting or have some amazing life story to tell.
So this is why I'm launching *drumroll* ASK REBECCA MONTH. 
And I also know some of you will be thinking 'Hang on, it was launched a few days ago. But the form link, doesn't work so I'm going for traditional methods. The Comments Box. Ah. I love it :)
All you have to do scroll down to the comments box, ask your question about me, leave your name, and add a link to your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter - whichever one you want more visitors for. Easy. If you don't have any of those and still want to ask a question, just ask ahead and leave your name. It's fine :)
I'll try and see all of them, depending of course how many people actually bother. This is your chance to advertise your blog on (according to my Stats) one of the most looked at pages on Rebecca-Books. 
I will be drawing them from a hat if I get loads, so there are a few ways to get more entries in:
 - A post of your blog (+4)
 - Twitter (+1)
 - Facebook (+1)

Please state which ones you have done with a link to it with your question, name, and address.
Now, those lovely Terms and Conditions that no-one looks at but PLEASE read these, there are only a few, Don't worry about it. I'll keep it brief...sorry, try.

1. If there aren't enough questions by the end of the month, then, it will roll over to the next until I get the amount of questions I want.

2. Please, nothing offensive or stupid, I'll only ignore it when I read it...don't be like the boys at school.

3. If there is an incredible amount of questions and I can't use all of them then, I'm going to put them into a hat and draw the amount I need.

4. There is no prize but if you advertise this on your Blog, Twitter or Facebook, you will be put in the draw the amount times you talk about it.

5. Please don't enter twice. If you do enter and think of another question which you would prefer to ask, just leave your name, address that you left and question in the comments below.

6. This is INTERNATIONAL. And ends November 10th 2010....but may go on a bit longer if necessary. :)

To enter, comment in the comment box below :)
Thanks and have fun :)


  1. Comment here.
    Your entry should look something like this:

    Question: How did you get into reading?
    Blog Post:
    Total: +5


  2. Cass
    Question: Do you think, as time passes by, you'll change your blog title?
    Total: +1

  3. Georgia "George" Elizabeth Beatty
    Question:Hello Rebecca! Aren't you proud of me? I'm using technology. Anywho, What was the first book you ever read? This might be cheating as I could just ask you in person. Aren't I a wild one!
    Lava you, I'm expecting a text on the 26th.

    Hello :) I cannot believe this. You are using technology (that isn't a TV). It's okay Georgia, in and out...good.
    hahah okay. I'll add it. And you were hyper when you wrote this, weren't you?
    Lova you tooo :) And yes I will remember.
    AND well done. I'm proud of you, my lovely french buddie :)


  5. I'm about to shock you even more, my friend. Grace and I have decided that it's about time we joined the world of blogging. A slightly sugar-influenced decision I admit, but we are here now. This is purely for ourselves; neither of us lead particularly interesting lives that thousands of people will want to hear about. But i'm following you now (still not quite sure how i managed it), and apparently i'm your lucky number 13!
    Anyway, i'll stop cluttering up your lovely contest page now. See you soon!


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