Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Moments

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. 

1. JOHN GREEN TALK - I think many Nerdfighters will top this as the best moment ever. At the end of the talk, I just looked at my friend Ellie and said 'What just happened?' which I think pretty much sums up everything. Amazing. Absolutely once in a lifetime moment. (I'm in the middle of preparing a post all about it!)

2. When Patrick Ness knew who I was - This is an interesting and slightly weird anecdote. I went to an event for the publication of an anthology all on the subject of *small voice* virginity where many famous authors - Mary Hooper, Sophie McKenzie and Patrick Ness - contributed (for the record I was going for the authors rather than the book, which I still have). I had written a review on Amazon and the blog commenting on these spaces that I saw in Losing It, the anthology, when flicking through. Was it a printing error? Or was it intentional? At the signing, I told Patrick my name for him to sign (after an awkward exchange when I thought I was related to Mary Hooper) and his reaction? 'Are you the Rebecca that wrote that comment on Amazon because those blanks were intentional'. Yes. Oh yes. I had a lovely chat with him and the next day, looking at his blog, I noticed he mentioned the event I had attended saying 'Got to meet lots of readers, including Rebecca from the Comments page; Hi Rebecca!'. I fangirled for a long time...

3. First being tweeted to by Marie-Louise Jensen and Caroline Lawrence - Caroline Lawrence and Marie-Louise Jensen are authors that I have grown up with, especially Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries series (which I've loved since I was 8) so the first time they tweeted me, it was a moment of shock and just happiness on my part. I love that you can do that on Twitter with people that have been a part of your life for a long time. 

4. When John Green made an appearance in an English Literature class - Not literally unfortunately. We were studying The Great Gatsby, a book John Green has made numerous videos about. As an introduction, our teacher was like 'Here's a Youtube video I found that explains the basics of what happens' and suddenly there was John Green's face. I think two of us said in unison 'THAT'S JOHN GREEN' in excited tones - me and a girl in the class who I didn't know too well at the time, Emma. Emma is now one of my closest friends. John Green truly unites people. 

5. Meeting Mary Hooper - Ditto really to #3, I've read Mary Hooper's books throughout my teenage years so to meet her and get my dog-eared copy of Eliza Rose signed was simply magical. She was so lovely and wanted to hear truthfully what I thought of her books which I think she liked my ranting for like 5 minutes about how great a writer she is. And she was thrilled to find out her books had got me into historical fiction. 

6. Getting a job at Waterstones - Ironically, the moment I heard I'd got a permanent job at Waterstones (after being a temp over Christmas) was in a lunch break for a Great Gatsby conference trip I was on with my English Literature class (was so much more interesting than it sounds). My manager rang me up and asked me a couple of questions before dropping the bomb that they wanted me to work there at the weekends, I think I giggled and was high pitched and talked around in circles as he spoke to me but I came back from lunch to tell my teacher that I'd picked up a job in our lunch break. Fate, methinks. 

7. Feeling a part of the blogging community - Whenever I see a lovely comment or get tweeted or mentioned by another blogger, it just makes me realise how much of an impact being a blogger has on my day to day life. I once thought people would find me weird to admit that, but my friends think it's pretty cool - one way to work out your true friends really...


  1. As it is your birthday today, I must write an extra special comment!
    The John Green event! I think it's the highlight of many peoples bookish memories.
    Patrick Ness knowing who you were is a story I'll never tire of. You must feel so proud; he's such a big author!
    That moment when you're first tweeted by one of your favourite authors is so special and whenever an author tweets me now I need to hold in a squeal. I never imagined when I started my blog that authors could be so friendly because before I saw them as scary people!
    If John Green was shown in my English lesson then I don't think people would hear the end of it for a long time. I already go on about him enough as it is!
    I'd love to meet Mary Hooper. I'm very jealous right now! She's one of my favourite historical authors and to meet her would be an amazing opportunity.
    Working in a bookshop is one of my dreams and I think it's very important that we support our bookshops instead of online companies.
    I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that there are so many lovely and amazing people out there that share the same interests as me. The feeling never gets old and I really wouldn't be without them! :)

    1. Wow, this is a long and lovely comment to reply to!

      I have to agree that being apart of a certain community where you all share and understand each other is something that should be necessary in everyone's life. The only place I feel entirely accepted is online in the blogging community. Although I have some of the greatest friends who love and accept me, there are always other people where ever you go in the big wide world who don't - at college, school, university, work even a stranger can judge you on the surface and it's the togetherness and community that is the best part.

      Thank you again Lucy. You are truly an amazing person.

  2. Ahh, wasn't the John Green talk amazing? It was definitely one of my favourite bookish memories. He is an amazing man and The Fault in Our Stars is phenomenal. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    I love how John Green was in your English class, I would have DIED if that happened to me.. o_O It is so cool how you and Emma are close friends now.
    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! <3

  3. AHHH! Patrick Ness knew who you were? I'd have died.


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