Saturday, 16 February 2013


Sorry for the lack of posting this week for starters, it's been busy with birthday things, college work and going out in the evenings. Tuesday, after a 2 and a half hour bus journey home from college because of a problem with the trains, I finally reached my friend's house to make pancakes! They weren't amazingly successful but a nice finish to the day after such a long bus journey.
Then, on Valentines Day, instead of spending the evening staring lovingly into a guy's eyes while trying not to gag at the horribleness that is Valentines Day, I went to Wagamammas with a couple of my friends to drown our sorrows in not having a Valentine. Ironically, two of the people I went with do in fact have boyfriends but they agreed with my disgust for the 14th February. An evening of eating noodles and doughnuts is far more enjoyable than my usual awkwardness with guys.
And then finally, yesterday I went out with some more friends for dinner as a belated birthday thing for me which was lovely as I haven't spent time with those friends in a while. Although the news that I was the only single person at the time out of 5 of us made me hate this time of year more. I can barely manage my own life, let alone someone else's, so yes, Valentines Day was uneventful again this year.

Moving away from the depressing teenage love talk, I'm on half term this week so I have more time to read, review and blog so watch out for those! I have at least one review in the making, a discussion post and a new 'On My Bookshelf' this week.

On a final note, I was interviewed by Clover over at Fluttering Butterflies as part of her amazing feature that I read EVERY week, Celebrating British Bloggers. I did the interview a couple of months ago now so some of the answers are a little out of date but do go and have a look and comment - Clover is so lovely as is her blog and ah, all her posts. I love it - here's the link.


  1. If I can remember rightly, didn't you agree to make a vlog for your next On My Bookshelf?
    I am exactly the same and really don't believe in Valentine's Day. Why take one day to be nice to someone when you should be nice all of the time? And it's really just a chance for shops to take your money. Although I have no problem with giving Waterstones my money! Rant over.
    This may be weird, but I don't know if I even like pancakes. I think I can remember trying one but don't know if I like them or not. But I do like doughnuts! I have you saved me one. :P
    Lovely post! I really like these sorts of things and I find writing them a lot easier.
    I'll stop writing now because I've just realised that this comment is nothing but me rambling on about nothing. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! :)

  2. High five for everyone who doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day! Who needs boyfriends when we have books? :P Happy belated birthday too, I am glad you had a lovely time!
    I really enjoyed reading your interview with Clover - thanks again for the kind mention :D
    Looking forward to your future posts! :)


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