Sunday, 16 December 2012

On My Bookshelf (31)

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- Summerset Abbey by T.J.Brown - This is the first book in a new trilogy following three girls in 1900's England. After seeing a few reviews of this book, it seems like the kind of historical fiction I enjoy: teenage girl in society, their struggles - this seems like a mix of The Luxe and Downton Abbey. I've started it already and I can already see some references to Downton...

- Geek Girl by Holly Smalle - I think any girl in their teens that has ever been called a geek (*raises hand*) should read this by the sounds of it. It sounded very good (a little like The Look I thought?) and I loved the cover. I also saw a tweet from Ciceley from Ciceley Loves Books that she was loving it for the humour which sold me a little bit. 

Also, I have been doing some reading (finally) mostly because so far in the last week I've had three days off sick with a bad cold, aches and sore throat (I'm a real mess) but that's good because it gives me an excuse to sit in bed and read ALL DAY. Which I never have a chance to do normally. So reviews are coming up (at some unknown point) for these two books. WATCH OUT.


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  1. I received Geek Girl the other week in the post and absolutely loved it! I hope you enjoy it, too!
    I'm going to have to try Summerset Abbey as I love historical fiction! I'll have a look at Netgalley now...

    Happy reading!


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