Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Exciting News: The Five Questions

This blog has been going two years on Friday - scary stuff really especially as I'm two years older than my original 15 year old self that started Rebecca-Books (did I ever say sorry for the totally NOT original name?)

Anyway, to honour my two years in the blogosphere, I am started a new feature here on Rebecca-Books where authors will answer five of the same questions (they will change over time, I promise!) about their latest book.
WHY? Well, I get a lot of emails from authors/publishers asking to review their book and I want to help them, but well, at college, there is LITERALLY no time after school to read for myself, let alone someone relying on me to read and review. So this feature is for those authors which I'm interested in but I don't have enough time to read their book.

I hope you all enjoy these interviews. This is kind of a trial run to see what happens but I would love for this to be incredibly popular so let anyone know if you think they would be interested - you will be my best friend for life, I mean it.

16th February - Mary Lowry, author of THE EARTHQUAKE MACHINE
23rd February - Meredith Zeitlin, author of Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters
3rd March - Amy Lignor, author of The Angel Chronicles

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