Monday, 27 February 2012

Author Interview: Jenelle Jack Pierre

This is the first ever post on a new feature called 'The 5 Questions' where I ask authors 5 of the same questions about their new book.

Today, I have Jenelle Jack Pierre, author of Before I Breathe, to answer the 5 questions on her new book. 

How did you come up with the idea for Before I Breathe?

I wanted to write about a female character who had a different high school experience than the norm.  Without giving a major conflict away, Kalena spends much of the story outside the walls of high school, which creates a major shift in her world and is a problem for her parents.

What did you enjoy writing most about in the book?

I enjoyed the process of Kalena falling in love with Isaiah and the excitement of it, because her feelings were new.  Novelty's always a powerful thing in a person's life.
But Isaiah is someone that affects Kalena's life in negative ways also, and showing how their relationship changes throughout the novel was fun.

Describe the book in a sentence.

Before I Breathe tells the story of a High School sophomore who gets pregnant and leaves her parents home to live with her first love.

What advice would you give to future writers - both writing and publishing wise?

I would tell future writers to make 2012 the year that they WRITE.  Writing well has a learning curve and every writer needs practice to produce good work.
In publishing, thankfully ebooks and self-publishing has given writers an avenue that wasn't available before, when literary agents and traditonal publishers were the primary gatekeepers.  After writing, doing revisions, writing, and doing more revisions, let people you trust read your work; and continue the process until you feel you're ready to publish.

What are you working on next?

I've written a novel to be released in Fall 2012.  It's tentatively titled Passing High School.  It's based on three girls who are "passing" in their lives in some way.  Another word to describe the "passing" that takes place in the novel could be "poser."  I'm also working on some short stories, which I also enjoy writing.

Thanks Jenelle!

Synopsis: Kalena Moore is a Montgomery High student who isn’t into school.  Isaiah Wilkins is a classmate that her friends think is trouble.  Life becomes more interesting when Kalena starts dating Isaiah, but soon things spin quickly out of control and she gets pregnant.  Then Kalena sees that there's another side to her boyfriend.
Determined to put her life back together, Kalena takes a path where there is no turning back. 


For more information, go to Jenelle's Twitter page - @JenellePierre

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