Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Quick Update and thoughts on Banned Book Week!

Sorry quick update.

I have this BIG Media essay/coursework thing due in on FRIDAY, so I won't be posting for the next couple of days, hence my lack of posting this week too. So, leave, track me down, run away - do whatever but you want me to fail coursework for this blog? Sorry, my school work comes first and foremost...some of the time.

Also, I'm writing an article for the newspaper on Banned Book Week which I know was prominent in the blogosphere, so let me know for your thoughts on censorship, banned books, any examples of banned books and what generally you think about the whole issue. Muchly appreciated.

Over and out.

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  1. Your guest post is up on my blog!

    Also, I don't really believe books should be banned, as if they had content that isn't supposed to be read than they shouldn't have been published in the first place!


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