Thursday, 27 March 2014


Just a little warning that there won't be much content from me in the next few weeks. I have three massive university assignments due in at different times in the next two weeks, so it's all a bit stressful right now.
Mostly because one of my assignments, a business report into the marketing of Hotel Chocolat, has been over complicated with no help from my lecturer. So while I'm trying to work my head around that, there's not much time for anything else currently.

I am close to the end of E. Lockhart's We Were Liars which is AMAZING and I can totally understand the hype about it at the moment. I'm planning on going old school and reading War of the Worlds next. I'm off in two weeks for Easter holidays with NO work (thank god) so hopefully lots and lots of reading and blogging will happen then!

That's all, I'll be around on Twitter and Instagram (@rebeccabooks) if you want a chat. I will be complaining a lot though.

Also, if you know anything about marketing or business reports, I will love you forever to let me know!

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