Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bookshelf at University

One of the big changes at university was the size of my bedroom and the amount of space available to cram all my possessions within it. At home, I have a reasonably size room, including three bookcases dotted around my room. However, with the limited space at university, I knew I wouldn't (although wanted to) be able to take all my books with me.
My halls are one of the smaller ones in Bournemouth but the rooms are still quite big and I've kind of learnt that in any room, if you're clever with the space you have, you can fit quite a lot in (thank god for space under the bed).

My room
My decisions in the books I have at university started by choosing my favourite books. I thought this would be a good way to perhaps start a conversation with one of my flatmates when I first moved in six months ago. I literally had these illusions of strategically placing books around my room and the flat to try and strike a conversation with my flatmates about books. Thankfully and probably for the best, I didn't need to do this - all my flatmates read outside of university work and as one of them said the other day, they ask me for reading recommendations (I've already got one of them into the Divergent series).
I, then, included some of the books I really wanted to read. Now, however, I still have those book I love although my room has kind of become infested with books I really want to read/look pretty/classics I love.

I have two shelves which hold my DVD's and documents on one and then LOTS of books on the other.

This shelf consists of mostly books that are in series and need to be read and the classics I have with me at university as well as my photo album. My ornaments all mean something to me (I really like cats, okay...) so it's nice to have them on the lower shelf where I can see them from my bed. 

The overflow from this shelf have fled to the shelf above my bed which normally holds chocolate, biscuits and my mugs. 

Apart from David Levithan's books at the end, The Fault in Our Stars and Rebecca, these are all to-read's. Yes...I have a lot of books to read currently. You can see a business card for The Crooked Book, which is an independent second-hand bookshop/vintage shop/coffee shop about half an hour from me in Boscombe. IT IS AMAZING. I've only been there once when some friends from home visited, but it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the Bournemouth area and want to do something different from wandering in the shops or by the beach. 

I would love to have massive bookcases in my room but alas, there is little room for those. Although next year, I'm hoping to bring one of my bookcases down to the house we're moving into so more books!


  1. Good choice for your books (Fangirl, Divergent, Gayle Forman, Marissa Meyer, John Green... <3. In France I wait for the publication of Cress, Alegiant and Just One Year. It's soooo hard to wait ^^). When I'm coming to the university, my choice has been very difficult too !

  2. I was nominated for the Liebster Award and now I have nominated you because I love your blog! Let me know if/when you post this! Just read this blog post and it tells you what to do on there! xxx

  3. I have a room about the size that you have now, and it's pretty tough to keep books in here! I have been wanting a larger book case, but I don't think it will happen. I like your set up though!


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